Schools Support


    Primary Schools in Ghouta, Syria

    Five years into the Syrian conflict and almost three million children are out of school. A third of schools are estimated to have been destroyed, damaged or put to other use, while a quarter of all teaching staff are thought to have fled or been killed.

    Education remains one of the most underfunded sectors of the humanitarian response in Syria. In response Ummah Welfare Trust is supporting six schools in the besieged suburb of Ghouta, covering staff salaries, school equipment, and utility costs.

    Alhamdulillah, the schools provide free education, refreshments, health check-ups and psychological support to over 1,600 children in total. Ummah Welfare Trust needs your continued to help to ensure that these children and more are given the chance to reach their huge potential.

    Nurseries in Mangochi, Malawi

    Ummah Welfare Trust, working at the grassroots, is funding the running of five schools in Mangochi, southern Malawi. These schools provide free education to hundreds of poor rural children, alhamdulillah.

    Each school has a nursery and a madrassah, and provides free transportation for its pupils. InshaAllah, these schools are helping to save the Iman of hundreds of Malawian children.

    Ummah Welfare Trust asks donors to support these schools in Malawi and help plant the seeds of Iman in these bright and beautiful children..