Widows Support

    Widows Support

    It is very difficult for widows to financially support themselves if they have children to look after. This problem is aggravated in countries which do not offer any support to them. By sponsoring a widow and her children, you can ameliorate their difficulties by covering their basic needs.

    The Islamic ruling is that after the husband, the responsibility of her assistance and maintenance falls on the son, father, and brother(s) respectively. Failing that, the responsibility falls on the community around her. Failing that the responsibility is on the Muslims as a whole.

    Abdullah bin Abbaas Radiyallahu 'anhu once stated:

    'For me to fulfil the necessities of a Muslim family for a month or for a week or for whatever period of time that Allah pleases, is more beloved to me than performing Hajj after Hajj. Buying a utensil for even a Daaniq (one-sixth of a dirham) and giving it to my brother as a gift for the pleasure of Allah is more beloved to me than spending a Dinaar in the path of Allah.'

    [Abu Nu'aym in Hilya 1:328]

    Around £30 a month can make a difference for a widow.

    Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah can be given for this project.