Teacher Sponsorship

    Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Rahmatullah 'alaihi ordered that many places be built in Egypt and he appointed therein teachers to teach the Qur'an to poor children, especially orphans; and he gave them a sufficient salary. [Rihlat ibn Jubayr]

    Imparting knowledge in its true form to future generations is the duty of every Muslim, rich or poor. One of the most effective methods of fulfilling this obligation is the provision of schooling services.

    Sadly today, where only private schooling is available, poor families, especially if displaced, struggle to pay the schooling fees for their children's education.

    This has two effects: children miss out on fundamental education; and poor teachers, receiving little to no remuneration, are forced to abandon the profession.

    Ummah Welfare Trust's Teacher Sponsorship project aims to deliver free modern and Islamic education to children living in poor communities.

    By supporting qualified teachers and reimbursing them for their efforts, the charity hopes to engender free high-quality education from committed teachers for poor rural children.

    Ummah Welfare Trust encourages you to be a part of this noble effort and sponsor a teacher today.

    Note: No individual feedback is provided for this project.



    Russia £380 per month
    Burma £25 per month
    Pakistan £35 per month
    PhilippinesNew £35 per month
    Albania £85 per month