Africa has perennially been synonymous with poverty. Nearly half the continent has no access to safe clean water; one in three in sub-Saharan Africa is hungry; and half of all preventable deaths of children under five in any one year in the world are in this forsaken continent.

    The last ten years has been particularly difficult. Muslims have witnessed droughts, famines, dead livestock and exorbitant food prices. Civil strife and the displacement it brings have further condemned these poor people to despair and hardship.

    The Horn of Africa is currently suffering amidst the worst drought witnessed in 60 years. 10 million people are facing hunger, thirst and displacement. Water is now so scarce that a regional governor told UWT: 'People are being buried without being washed, which is compulsory in Islam.'

    UWT is undertaking relief and sustainable operations in the region, but needs the generosity of its donors now more than ever.