Abdul Basitís Burden
    Abdul Basit’s burden Abdul Qadir, son of Abdul Khaliq, was 55. He lived with his elderly parents and six other family members in Jhandewali, Muzafar Garh.  In early August 2010, he saw t
    22 February 2011
    Alone in the Mountains
    Alone in the Mountains In the mountainous regions of Balakot lives a widow, Sumayyah Bibi, who is currently sponsored by UWT. She was sadly widowed in the earthquake of October 2005 when her husban
    22 February 2011
    No Parents and No Home
    Listen to Audio No parents and no home Ghulam Shabbir, the s
    16 February 2011
    The Children of Rani Bibi
    Listen to Audio Three years ago, Rani Bibi was a young happil
    10 February 2011
    Umman Welfare Trust Annual Reports
    Annual Report 2018 Download/View PDF Annual Report 2017 Download/View PDF
    11 June 2008
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    11 June 2008
    UWT Newsletters
    UWT Newsletters Date Link 31-12-2008 Gaza Crisis Escalates 23-12-2008
    11 June 2008
    Project Update
    Latest Project Update Somalia Drought Appeal 01/07/2008 UWT has launched an Appeal for the people of Somalia suffering from famine due to
    11 June 2008
    Urdu Publications
    Piyam-e-Haq Magazine Magazine in Pakistan  Issue Date  View August 2009 Issue
    10 June 2008