Raising Money for Charity - Money for Charity
    Ummah Welfare Trust welcomes donors who fundraise on its behalf to raise money for the charity. All money raised will reach its intended recipient and donors will be given feedback. So please help Umm
    25 June 2014
    International Development Charity Beliefs and Islamic Rulings in UK
    Ummah Welfare Trust is a UK-based international relief and development charity, established in 2001 and working internationally in 17 countries, in order to fulfil the rights of those who are neglecte
    25 June 2014
    Donate Online by Using Online Charity Option With UWT
    Donate to Ummah Welfare Trust online via your debit/credit card and/or PayPal with the benefit of having your own account to manage your details and donations.
    25 June 2014
    One of the Best Charities to Donate to
    Ummah Welfare Trust is one of the best charities to donate to due its 100% donation policy. Every penny reaches its intended audience.
    25 June 2014
    From Floods to Tears
    Ghulam Yaseen grew up as a landless peasant. In 1994 the provincial government of Punjab (in a land offering scheme) allocated him 7 marla (175 square metres) of land in Jhandewali on which he coul
    22 March 2011
    Sponsored Walk for Gaza
    A bloody stain on the landscape, the Gaza strip remains in fetters and in dire need of assistance. Nearly half the population lives in extreme poverty and of the 1.5 million people living there, 80
    22 March 2011
    Let Us Bring Some Warmth Into Their Lives
    Let Us Bring Some Warmth Into Their Lives 16 December 2010 With winter having arrived, millions of the victims, rendered homeless by the catastrophic floods in late July, are still without shelter
    16 December 2010
    Philippines - Housing Project
    UWT in partnership with Goodwill 786 Charity that is based in the Mindanao region has initiated a housing project for the extreme poor Muslim families. This project is focused on the main islan
    09 August 2010
    Niger has constantly been one of the poorest countries. It was last ranked last out of 182 countries in 2009 Human Development Report that bases its rankings on the three factors Health, Educat
    22 June 2010
    Inam Ullah Pakistan orphan
    An Image of orphan Inam Ullah Inam Ullah is a polite, calm, obedient and sensitive orphan, reads in class four, accommodated in hostel No. 1 of UCA. He had three brothers
    15 June 2010
    Jawad Ahmad Pakistan orphan
    An Image of orphan Jawad Ahmad The orphan Jawad Ahmad is a shy, polite and clever orphan from BalaKot. In the year 2005 the earthquake collapsed the class room on his bro
    15 June 2010
    Muhammed Ilyas Pakistan orphan
    An Image of orphan Muhamed Ilyas My name is Ilyas. My fathers name is Abdul Qayyum. I am from Jehangira. I have five brothers and three sisters. We were living happily. U
    15 June 2010
    Gaza Orphans State of Emergency
    An appeal for the Orphans of Palestine   Click here to view the appeal The most recent attacks on Gaza have killed hundreds of innocent men and women and have only exacerbated th
    20 April 2010
    How to donate Fidhya, Kaffarah & Nadhr
    Fidhya, Kaffarah and Nadhr all fall under the category of Sadaqah Wajibah (click here for more info), this means that the same ruling is applicable on all three on how and where to spend the money.
    22 August 2009
    Gaza Eye Witness Account
    Eye Witness Account by Abdurehman - 10/04/2009 GAZA GAZA Ahlul Izza – GAZA GAZA Ramzul Izza We entered Gaza on Monday 9th March 2009 (12th Rabiul Awwal 1430) and was warmly greeted by
    25 April 2009
    Letters of thanks from Gaza
    Feedback from thirteen of the beneficiaries in Gaza who received grants from Ummah Welfare Trust to help them in their time of need.
    23 March 2009
    Burma Cyclone Nargis Trustee Account
    Trustee Eye Witness Account - 29-05-2008 We set out from Yangon at 06:30. After a difficult six hour journey we arrived at MYAUNG MAI, the main town in the Irrawaddy District. Here there were
    29 May 2008
    Village Horror
    By UWT Representative, Yusuf Patel, South Bangladesh - Wed, 26 Dec 2007 After travelling 5 KM in a speed boat across river Bishkal from Boroytala, we arrive at the isolated village South Tetul
    26 December 2007
    It Gets Worse
    By UWT Representative, Yusuf Patel, South Bangladesh - Tues, 25th Dec 2007 The situation is much worse. The closer we get to the ocean, the greater the damage. We drive hundreds of kilometers t
    25 December 2007
    Disaster Beyond Comprehension
    By Yusuf Patel, UWT Representative, South Bangladesh - Sun, 23 Dec 2007 The destruction and misery caused by cyclone Sidr in South Bangladesh is beyond human comprehension. The tidal wave gush
    23 December 2007
    Bangladesh Cyclone Field Report
    27/11/2007 From our correspondent on the ground: More than 10,000 people feared killed and 8.87 lakhs injured, about 2.42 lakhs livestock deaths, 23,000 acres of crops destroyed (as of No
    27 November 2007
    Azerbaijan - My First Mission
    September 2007 'Where?' was the question I was repeatedly asked, as I announced to family and friends that I was setting off to Azerbaijan. 'Why?' followed shortly afterwards.
    25 January 2007
    Trustees Visit to Indonesia (Bande Ache)
    8th –13th April 2005 – Iqbal Rawat (Trustee) Day One Myself and Moulana Idrees arrived in Jarkarta on the 8th of April for a 5 days visit following on from our visit to Pakistan
    15 April 2005