Raise Money with BT MyDonate
    Ummah Welfare Trust has registered with BT MyDonate for fundraisers wishing to raise money and awareness for one of the charity's many projects. MyDonate is an online fundraising service for UK c
    03 February 2015
    Gift Aid Form
    .header, .menu, .sidebar1, .sidebar2, .footer, .print-button{display:none} Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) - Gift Aid Gift Aid Form Click here to print Please fill this i
    12 July 2011
    Different types of Charity and Islamic rulings
    Zakah Sadaqah Saqaqah Wajibah Sadaqah al-Fitr Nadhr Fidyah Kaffarah Udhiyyah, Dam & Badanah Sadaqah Nafilah Lillah Waqf
    15 August 2009
    Donate Online
    Donate Online to UWT Donating online is easy and secure. Login system Donors are not required to enter personal details every time.
    26 May 2009
    Bank Transfers
    You can make a bank transfer to the following UWT bank account: Account name: Ummah Welfare Trust Sort Code: 30-00-83 Account Number: 01106403 Bank name and address: Al Rayan Bank,
    25 May 2009
    Posting Advice
    ol {line-height:18px;} Send your cheques, postal orders or completed forms to: Ummah Welfare Trust, 578 - 600 St Helens Road, Bolton, BL3 3SJ Please check the following when sending pos
    05 March 2009
    About Gift Aid
    Frequently Asked Questions 1) How does it work? If you donate £100, in the normal way, UWT will receive precisely £100. Should you Gift Aid it then UWT will receive £125
    05 March 2009
    Standing Order Form
    To pay monthly please fill in the standing order mandate (link below) and post it to us. Please ensure you sign and date this copy before sending it to: UWT Head Office 578 - 600 St Helen
    05 March 2009
    Zakah Calculator
    Enter Values and Press Calculate at the Bottom (Nisab Value Given Below) --> --> The Nisab value of gold should only be used if the asset of one's wealth is only gold. If one has mixed wea
    05 March 2009
    Raise Money with
    Ummah Welfare Trust has linked up with to provide you with an easy and effective way to collect sponsors and money for your own fundraising campaigns. With Ummah Welfare Trust,
    05 March 2009