June/July 2007 Report

    Ongoing UWT projects


    The Ummah Children Academy (UCA) - an orphanage in Nowshera, Pakistan - will cater for 1000 orphans from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir once it is fully complete, providing them with free education and accommodation.

    The Junior Academic & Dar ul Hifz block and Student Hostel II blocks have been handed over to educational staff for the classes. Three blocks - Teacher Hostel, Teacher Residence, Bath & kitchen) are currently under construction. The Student Hostel I block is in its initial stage of construction.

    187 orphans have already been admitted to the UCA where they are receiving primary school education as well as Islamic knowledge.  Accommodation is provided for as well as all other necessary facilities, including a children’s park for recreational purposes.

    The total project cost is just under £1.4M, with about £600,000 still remaining to be collected. The last payment towards the cost of UCA was in the region of £50,000 towards the end of May.

    UWT set up sewing machine classes last year in Kamari, a poor suburb of Karachi. There, young women are taught how to sew over a four month period upon completion of which they receive a free sewing machine each. UWT provides the cost of the premises as well as all the equipment and the wages of the teachers. The course has been extremely successful with over 200 students having graduated already. One young woman has gone on to open her own dress-making business. The cost to cater for each student (over a period of four months) is £100.

    Ummah Welfare Trust has also been managing an orphanage in Gigit, Pakistan, for a number of years now. Both boys and girls, 90 in total, are catered for in this orphanage where they receive standard education to primary level.

    UWT is currently sponsoring a total of 629 orphans in Pakistan and Kashmir. In June, nearly £25,000 was spent on sponsoring orphans in Pakistan.


    UWT is running a Hifz/Scholarship programme in India to allow for poor students who are not able to fund their education to receive the necessary knowledge making them a means of promoting the cause of Islam. Currently, a total of 30 poor students – 6 ‘ilmiyyah and 24 hifz – are being sponsored by UWT.


    UWT has purchased a Water Tanker in Indonesia to allow for water to be transported to areas where it is desperately needed and it continues to fund the costs of running this project. An amount just over £5,600 was paid towards this earlier this year.


    An orphanage has been set-up in Burma catering for around 150 children comprising mainly orphans and children from very poor families. The children are taught Islamic education and food, clothing and bedding is provided. Monthly cost: £1,000.

    Summary of orphan sponsorships around the world:



















    New projects initiated within the month


    UWT began the digging of 10 wells in poor areas of Pakistan to help provide one of the most essential of needs, water, to the needy residents. Cost: £10,000.

    UWT carried out 8 Aqeeqah sacrifices in Pakistan on behalf of donors. Cost: £1,825.

    UWT provided for the renovation and repair of a Mosque in Albania situated in Kotodec Village. As well as this, they also gave a substantial amount to provide free medical check-ups and medicines to females and children who were not in a position to afford any medical care. Cost: £5,461.99.

    UWT paid towards the digging of a well in a poor district in Sierra Leone to cater for a 1000 families. Cost: £2,750.


    Pakistan Cyclone relief - UWT set about providing food and water, makeshift tents, clothing and medicine to the countless needy people in the Turbat, Gawadar (Baluchistan) and Shah Dad Kot (Sindh) districts which were affected quite badly by Cyclone Yemyin. UWT, recognising the dire need for substantial aid, gave donations amounting to £138,000. Some 4200 families, including 600 children, were provided with tents, kitchen ware, necessary food stock, water and cooked food. 

    India Relief projects (cyclone) – UWT provided the funds for the construction of 20 houses in Botad, an area severely affected by the floods, providing relief for many homeless people. The total cost was £11,000.

    Completed projects

    16 Masaajid have been constructed in some of the most affected post-earthquake areas – Muzaffarabad and Balakot in the Mansehra District – in Pakistan this year. Due to the earthquake in 2005, many Masaajid were made shaheed (destroyed) and these were, and continue to be, re-built from scratch in areas where they are most needed. Cost of each Masjid: £3,000.

    Since the beginning of this year, 26 wells have been completed. Seven of these have been constructed in Afghanistan and the rest in Pakistan. Prior to the wells being dug, in many areas, children and women were carrying water from far desert areas on their heads and/or by using mules. Each well can benefit a whole village, sometimes comprising over a thousand people. Cost of each well: £1,000.

    Total expenditure – projects within this period plus ongoing ones