A new life for Roza Mukhaeva

    In the past few years, Ummah Welfare Trust has been supporting widows in Chechnya by providing them with new livelihoods. Below is an example of how your donations have helped one widow begin again.

    Roza Mukhaeva lives in Pervomayskaya in rural Grozny, Chechnya. Before the second war, which began in 1999, Roza and her family resided in the mountain village of Zumso.

    In 2000, during one of the regular 'clean-up' operations administered by Russian Special Forces, Roza's husband was seized and shot dead. Her house, along with every other house in the village, was then destroyed.

    The relatives of Roza's husband found an abandoned house for her and her two children in Pervomayskaya. Here she lived with her children until the owners of the house one day returned.

    During her stay, she managed to build a two-room hut on the outskirts of the village. Alhamdulillah she moved here once she and her children were evicted.

    The family has lived in this hut till today. They did not receive any compensation from the authorities for the destruction of their home in Zumso and so have struggled with income since.

    Though the elder son has grown up, few employment opportunities meant that income was never secure.

    Some time ago however, Roza learnt of an income generation scheme being implemented for widows in her area. She applied, proposing a business of cattle rearing and dairy production.

    Alhamdulillah her proposal was accepted and she was given the support needed. Today she receives a regular income for her son and daughter.

    Roza said, 'Selling dairy items gives us a small but regular income. For the people like us this is a crucial support.'

    Roza and son