Income Generation Projects Update (Nov 2013)

    'It is better that a person should take a rope and bring a bundle of wood on his back to sell so that Allah may preserve his honour, than that he should beg from people (regardless of) whether they give to him or refuse him.'

    - Sahih al-Bukhari

    From December 2012 to November 2013, Ummah Welfare Trust has administered and completed the following income generation projects:

    - 42 heads of families each received a cycle rickshaw.
    - 33 heads of families were each provided a cow for milking and rearing.
    - 13 female heads of households each received a sewing machine.
    - A pharmacy was established for a doctor.
    - A general store was set up for an unemployed father.
    - 8 kiosks were set up for both male- and female-headed households.

    24 widows were given support in becoming self-employed. New small businesses included honey making, cattle breeding, a sewing workshop, a bakery and office administration.

    In Sunderban, 31 widows were helped in establishing a small business.

    525 widows and poor mothers were each provided with a sewing machine.

    - 11 heads of families each received a cargo-tricyle.
    - A family-head received a tuk-tuk rickshaw.
    - A widow received a sewing machine and fabrics to set up a stall.
    - Two widows received embroidery kits and fabrics to help business start-ups.

    - 100 families each received a new fishing boat.
    - 20 heads of families each received a tri-sikad.
    - 21 small kiosks were set up.

    Total IGP Expenditure from Dec 2012 to Nov 2013: £110,009.08