The Story of Umm Amjad

    Umm Amjad, the wife of a martyr, resides at the Ummah Camp. She relates her story:

    The army moved into our area, Jisr Ashgur in Idlib, at the start of the revolution. Soldiers settled just twenty metres from our home and during meal times would enter without permission.

    They would take the food and leave. We had no privacy or security; and daily fighting became a part of our lives.

    I am 37 years old and have six children: Amjad, 20, who lives with his uncle; Ahmed, 18; Fatima, 15; Mohammed, 12; Musa, 12; and Amar, 3.

    My youngest child was just 6 months old when the army surrounded our house one afternoon two years ago. They came in and took my husband without giving a reason. It happened in front of my children and was seen by the neighbours. We couldn't do or say anything.

    We heard of these incidents happening to others but this happened to my husband and I couldn't understand why. My husband was a simple person whom everyone knew. He would deliver food to shops.

    He was approached by the regime many times to act as an informant; but he refused. I think his refusal to cooperate with them was the reason for his detention.

    We worked hard to find out where he was but the regime didn't give any information. It was only after a friend of his was released from prison and had seen my husband inside that we knew where he was.

    My husband was hung upside down for many hours at a time and was tortured day and night. He wasn't given food or allowed to communicate with others. His health deteriorated severely and the constant beatings and electrocution disfigured his body.

    After learning of his whereabouts, we approached the regime. They told us however that he had died in prison and they refused to release his corpse. After much trying and insistence however, we finally recovered his body for burial.

    We received my husband's tortured body nine months ago. It was like a piece of cloth. The signs of torture and electrocution were evident all over his body. His feet were badly swollen due to the heavy beatings administered on his soles.

    I pray that Allah does not give those who did this to my husband anything they desire. May He not give them any happiness in their lives.

    Our house was taken over by the regime and was turned into a base due its strategic location. The regime is there now.

    My son learnt about the Ummah camp and so we came to Sarmada. We arrived on 15th Ramadhan after spending 25 days with my sister.

    We ask Allah to reward those people who support this camp and provide all the needs for families here.

    Umm Amjad & Children