Excellent results at the Ummah Children Academy


    High educational outcomes in Pakistan have traditionally been the preserve of the wealthy elite and landowners.

    Though in last decade more serious attempts have been made to redress this, literacy rates between the wealthier urban areas and the rural areas are still hugely disparate.

    Alhamdulillah, since its beginning in 2005, the Ummah Children Academy (UCA) has shown that a child's educational merit is not defined by his family's wealth, ethnicity or privilege but rather by his own ability and dedication.

    In the recent Board of Intermediary & Secondary Education, Mardan, examinations, children in the 9th and 10th classes of the UCA excelled alhamdulillah. The average mark at the academy was comparable with, and even higher than, those of many private schools.

    50, 824 students from a total of 936 schools took part in the examinations. Despite the huge number of participants, two students from the UCA were ranked in the top 20 for outstanding results.

    In the Khyber Pakhthunkhwa province of Pakistan, it was unprecedented for poor children who receive free education to compete academically with privately educated students from affluent families.

    But thanks to the donors of Ummah Welfare Trust, these children were provided with opportunities that would otherwise have never have been available to them.

    Islam shows us that the opportunity to learn and become proficient in knowledge is not confined to the wealthy. Rather some of our greatest predecessors, such as Imam Bukhari, Imam Ahmad and Imam Shafi'i Rahimahumullah, were orphans who were raised in poverty.

    We ask Allah to make all the children supported by Ummah Welfare Trust servants of the Ummah and may He continue to give Ummah Welfare Trust the ability to tap into the hidden treasures found amongst the impoverished youth of today. Ameen.

    See 9th Class' results (PDF)

    See 10th Class' results (PDF)