A Cry from a Widow

    April 2013 - Ummah Welfare Trust trustee, Shaykh Muhammad Ahmad, recounts a recent visit to the Turkey-Syria border.

    Amidst the grief from losing her husband, a widow recollects recent events,

    'My brother left home hoping to buy some bread. On his return as he approached the doorstep, a sniper shot him in his leg. I saw my brother lying helplessly in a pool of blood.'

    Sharing her story with us, she broke down and sobbed uncontrollably.

    Reading the articles in newspapers has been disturbing. So have been the YouTube videos. The feelings they stirred however have not come close to those stirred when listening to this afflicted widow.

    Her cry pierced through me, making me tremble. This was the cry of an oppressed widow, for whom the doors of heaven open and the Lord of the Throne responds.

    The price for this revolution is being paid for in the currency of blood and human lives; children have lost their parents, women have lost their loved ones and thousands languish in prisons.

    Buildings have been reduced to rubble, border towns have been abandoned and hospitals have been destroyed.

    During my stay in Syria I began questioning why a nation would be willing to sacrifice so much, simply for regime change.

    A young man from Tabaka answered my question,

    'Whilst I was studying in Damascus, I started praying Salah and growing a beard due to my increasing love for the Sunnah. I was thus arrested, imprisoned and tortured for five years.'

    The regime's sustained assault on the fundamental right of every Muslim to practise Islam and the Sunnah was the last straw in this proud people's patience.

    The people of Syria are fixed on this path of sacrifice. Their sons, daughters, properties and lives are ready to be exchanged in order to preserve this gift of Iman which is so dear to them.

    Despite the distress, hope was heard from the widow's voice. She spoke of gratitude and relief following the help she received from Ummah Welfare Trust.

    We ask to Allah to relieve the situation of the widows and orphans in al-Shaam and allow us to help achieve this in every way possible. Ameen.