Responding to Pakistan Floods 2012

    Heavy monsoon rains across Pakistan have destroyed 1,600 houses and damaged a further 5,000. An estimated 100 people have died and 68 have been injured. Most casualties were caused due to homes collapsing.

    Flood waters entered Dera Ghazi Khan after a breach occurred in the Dera Ghazi Khan Canal. The western parts of the district, including Sadiqabad, Abdullah Town, Bhata Colony, Railway Colony and Gadai have been badly deluged. The district hospital was also evacuated after flood waters entered the hospital. The patients were shifted to other nearby hospitals.

    Dera Ghazi Khan is also facing shortages of food after land routes with Baluchistan were disconnected due to the floods. Many food stocks in the city have been destroyed. Already homeless and dispossessed, thousands of families are now facing hunger.

    ‘…And lower your wing to the believers.’ (15:88)

    Ummah Welfare Trust has provided 991 tents to affected areas and is in the process of creating tent villages. 1000 families have also received emergency food packs. One food pack contains:

    • 5 kg rice
    • 5 kg sugar
    • 20k wheat flour
    • 2kg salt, 5kg pulses
    • 5kg ghee
    • Pack of matches