£1 million raised for Burma

    Ummah Welfare Trust would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all our donors for their generous donations towards our Burma emergency appeal.With your support over £1,000,000 was raised in a short period of time. Alhamdulillah.

    It is with Allah’s help and the on-going support from people like you that Ummah Welfare Trust can respond to the cries of our brothers and sisters around the world.

    Ummah Welfare Trust has been operating inside Burma for the last 10 years. The charity has engaged in the following projects to date:

    • Rebuilt masjids, madrasahs and graveyards
    • Reconstructed of homes and boats
    • Sponsored orphans and widows
    • Installed hand pumps
    • Administered Ramadan and Eid projects
    • Provided Medical clinics
    • Regularly distributed food provisions.
    • Overseen the management of two orphanages where both students and teachers are being sponsored.

    There is a dedicated team in Burma who have worked relentlessly over these years despite restrictions being imposed by the Burmese government. Strong local networks have been built which meant Ummah Welfare Trust was in a good position to immediately support the Rohingya refugees in their hour of need.

    Update of work in Arakan

    Emergency Phase (1st Month)

    Emergency cash grants are being provided to 2,600 displaced families. The difficulties that fieldworkers undertook for this project were huge. They have risked their lives to aid their brethren.

    Medium Phase (2-3 Months)

    Cash grants will continue to be provided to Rohingya refugees.

    Long Term Phase (+3 Months)

    Ummah Welfare Trust will construct homes for the displaced Rohingya families. The delivery of this project will depend on security and the restrictions imposed by the government

    Suspending Emergency Appeal

    Ummah Welfare Trust takes assured steps in ensuring that it can fulfil the amanah (trust) placed upon it with regards to people’s Zakah and Sadaqah. The importance of amanah and the responsibility it brings cannot be stressed enough.

    Following assessments by fieldworkers in Arakan state and the severe restrictions imposed by authorities recently, Ummah Welfare Trust recognises that delivering aid will be a slow process. The charity has therefore decided to suspend its emergency appeal for Burma.

    As always, donors will be updated regularly about the work as it develops.

    Alhamdulillah Allah has granted Ummah Welfare Trust opportunity to also administer large-scale relief in other parts of the world where people are suffering. Ummah Welfare Trust urges you therefore to continue helping the Ummah by donating towards its appeals for Syria, Somalia and West Africa.

    Finally, the charity asks you to beseech Allah and make du’a for the suffering Muslims of this Ummah. Our best efforts and generosity aside, a people’s circumstance can never change without the will of Allah.