Relief in Damerale

    It was narrated that 'Urwah ibn-az-Zubayr Radiallahu ‘anhu said,

    Seven of the Companions appointed az-Zubayr Radiallahu ‘anhu to be the guardian of their children after they died, including 'Uthman, Ibn Mas'ood and 'Abdurrahman. He would spend on the heirs from his own wealth and protect their wealth.’

    -At-Tareekh al-Islami, 17/131

    Damerale is a village in northern Afgoye. Families in the town and the surrounding villages are extremely poor and have lost much of their livestock in recent years due to infrequent rains.

    During surveys here, Ummah Welfare Trust staff came across Markaz Bedar Kubra. The school caters for 615 students from Damerale and the surrounding villages. Of the 615 children, 120 are orphans.

    The Markaz lacks regular funding and students eat just once a day. Water for the orphanage is brought on donkey cart from the village of Maglin which is around 2km away. In the morning children learn primary and secondary education and after Dhuhr salah, they learn Qur’an and Ahadith.

    Following assessments, 900 families arrived at the Bedar Kubra Centre to receive food provisions. Widowed, orphaned and vulnerable families were targeted and invited to the orphanage. Every mother whose child studied at this school received provisions.

    Though it was raining, distributions started early morning. Alhamdulillah, the muddy terrain did not deter anyone and both staff and recipients did shukr for a successful distribution.