Relief in Wanlaweyne

    Wanlaweyne is a district in the Lower Shebelle region of Somalia. It is situated on the main road that links Mogadishu and Baidoa and consists of 6 main villages.

    There are primary and secondary schools in the district but no functioning hospital sadly. Wanlaweyne is also host to many displaced families from Beledweyne, Baidoa and Mogadishu. Ummah Welfare Trust fieldworkers found them in a poor state; they had received little to no assistance from aid agencies. Alhamdulillah, generous locals, with the little they have, have helped them however.

    There is one orphanage in Wanlaweyne. The Ibn al Mubarak Orphanage opened recently in March 2012 and looks after 120 children: 74 boys and 46 girls. The children do not board though and go home in the evenings.

    When ‘Ali ibn al-Husayn (Imam Zainul Abideen) Rahimahullah died, they washed him and noticed a black mark on his back, so they (some of them) said: ‘What is this?’ So they said: ‘He used to carry a sack of flour on his back during the night and used to distribute it to the poor and needy of the people of Madeenah.’

    - Ibn al Jawzi Rahimahulllah

    The Ummah Welfare Trust field team surveyed the district for two days, including Markaz Ibn al Mubarak. Following meetings at the orphanage and assessments on the ground, 720 food packages were transported to Wanlaweyne.

    Alhamdulillah on 8th April 2012, 720 displaced, widowed and orphaned families received food provisions. Subhanallah beneficiaries started arriving to the distribution point straight after Fajr salah. By 9:00am, everyone received provisions and were dragging their packages home.

    The situation here however was quite grave and so later on, the Ummah Welfare Trust team came back to Wanlaweyne to survey for more families.

    Following more assessments, 1000 families – the majority of whom were displaced - were identified for UWT food packages. Many of these families had fled from Beledweyne due to the escalation in conflict there. They were very vulnerable and had not received much help during their displacement.

    A further 100 families received kitchen and wash sets. These families were poor and had barely any possessions.

    We ask Allah to accept these distributions and be a cushion for these families attempting to recover war and drought.