Syria Emergency Relief

    22nd March 2012 - Distribution gets underway

    Final advice of Amir al-Mu’mineen ‘Ali to his sons al-Hasan and Al-Husayn

    “I urge you to fear Allah and do not seek worldly luxury, even if it becomes available to you. Do not weep for anything that you have lost (of worldly gains). Speak the truth, show compassion to the orphans, help the destitute, and strive for the hereafter. Be an opponent of the wrong doers and support the one who is wronged. Act upon what is in the Book and never fear the blame of the blamers (when striving) for the sake of Allah.”
    (Tareekh at-Tabari, 6/64)

    Following surveys, Ummah Welfare Trust decided to distribute emergency food packs to 250 neglected Syrian refugee families around Amman. They had fled Syria within the past year.

    We set off early in the morning starting at our first point of distribution, the town of Suwailih. After Suwailih, distributions took place in Al Bayader, Madba, Sahab, Al Quwaysamah, and finally in Markaz al Ansaar in Jawfah.

    Some of the families were reluctant to be photographed due to security reasons especially for those with family still inside Syria. Family members here in Jordan tell us how family members of those seen on TV or the internet were tracked down inside Syria and persecuted.

    20th March 2012 - On the Ground

    Alhamdulillah today Ummah Welfare Trust prepared over 250 food packs for Syrian refugee families in Jordan.

    Packs contain essential items: rice, sugar, tea, tuna, milk powder, tinned meat, 4 types of lentils, broad beans, tomato puree, tahina, halwa, pasta sardines, cheese.

    We also visited some of the injured Syrian refugees. We listened to their accounts which were so horrific that they almost seemed surreal.

    The stories we had heard before we landed in Jordan were testified by those we met. They had lived under the nightmare of tyrannical rule.

    A rule which stopped you from visiting the masjid five times a day, a rule that forced you to bribe so you would be treated fairly, a rule that would kill children for protesting, mutilate the dead and drop off corpses at the victims’ home. Every family has one person who has disappeared, been killed or been imprisoned.
    Abu Khaldoon, his sister-in-law and his aunty and her children were forced to leave Syria and settle in Amman. They had no steady income and uncertainty in terms of accommodation. They  pleaded to the entire Ummah for help.

    Abu Khaldoon who was imprisoned for protesting after the murder of Hamzah al Khateeb, a 13 year old boy. He spent a few months in prison. The stories he told us were horrific and all of it cannot be mentioned. Electrocution and solitary confinement were just start of interrogation methods. Abu Khaldoon himself was injected with unknown drugs and acid was poured on his feet.

    We also met little Al Hurriyah. She has a father has has never seen her. She is just 2 weeks old. Her father was imprisoned after a peaceful protest in Homs a few months ago. Allah knows if they will reunite in this world.