Relief in Burhakaba

    The servants of the Ka’abah had written to 'Umar ibn 'Abdul Aziz Rahmatullah ‘alaih asking him to send money to buy cloth to cover the House as it had been the habit of the Caliphs who came before him. 'Umar ibn 'Abdul Aziz wrote to them the following: ‘I believe that putting that money for the benefit of those hungry bodies in the nation (charity) is by far worthier than putting it for the cloth cover of the House.’

    - Virtues of ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdul ‘Aziz, Ibn Al Jawzi

    Burhakaba, in the Bay region, is a historical town situated around 60 km east of Baidoa. The majority of the residents’ income is derived from crops (mainly sorghum and beans), livestock and money repatriated from abroad.

    On 5th March 2012, Ummah Welfare Trust undertook three distributions in the town, targeting orphaned families, the elderly and the disabled.

    The first distribution targeted families of orphans residing in the various orphanages of the town. Following surveys, 617 families were invited to pick up a food pack and kitchen and wash set. The majority of the recipients were widowed women who greatly appreciated the unique set. The distribution took place just on the outskirts of Burhakaba.

    Relief in Burhakaba

    Later in the afternoon, every child at the Markaz Ali ibn Abu Talib Radiallahu ‘anhu received a food pack. The orphanage was established in 1993 and is the main orphanage in the town. Their mothers or relatives collected the provisions and sent du’as for their kind donors. Alhamdulillah, all the staff here also received a food package. In total, 300 food packs were distributed.

    Surveys continued and so a third distribution was arranged for the evening. Evening distributions are generally difficult but given the predicted insecurity over the next few days, it was pushed forward. Alhamdulillah, after Maghrib salah, 80 families received food packs. After Isha salah, 104 families who were displaced and extremely poor, received kitchen and wash sets and food provisions. The utensils given will last a lifetime inshaAllah.

    Alhamdulillah in just one day, 1101 food packages and 721 kitchen and wash sets were distributed to poor families across Burhakaba.

    Case Study: Fatima Ibrahim Dhayow

    Fatima is 33 year old widow with 4 children - three girls and one boy. One of her daughters resides at Markaz Ali ibn Abu Talib Radiallahu ‘anhu. Two others reside in Markaz Ayub – another orphanage. The youngest child lives with her.

    Fatima earns a living by running a small kiosk in front of her home. Upon receiving a food pack and utensils set, Fatimah firstly thanked Allah and then her brothers and sisters who donated. She was happy that, thanks to your generosity, Ummah Welfare Trust was specifically seeking out widows and orphans in its distributions.

    Relief in Burhakaba