Tears of Shaam Events

    Historically al-Shaam consisted of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, with Syria forming its bulk.

    Today the blood of Muslims stains the land of Syria. Its children are becoming orphans and its women widows. We know however that Allah’s mercy is upon them and that their ranks are increasing in their tribulations.

    For Syria is a blessed land: a land of Anbiyaa; a land on which Abu Bakr as-Siddique and ‘Umar al-Faruq Radiallahu ‘anhuma revived the truth; a land of scholarship and learning; and a land on which glad tidings are brought for the Muslims of this Ummah.

    Following the launch of the £1 million pound Syria Emergency Appeal, Ummah Welfare Trust is staging a unique tour across the country, highlighting the history, virtues and present situation of Syria.

    The tour is coming to the following areas of the UK inshaAllah.

    Blackburn,  24th March -  Jaame Masjid, 6.30pm Click for details
    Leicester, 25th March - Usmani Hall, 2.00pm Click for details
    Batley, 22nd April - Jame' Masjid, 6.15pm (after 'Asr salah) Click for details
    Huddersfield,  28th April - Masjid Noor, 6.20pm (after 'Asr salah)  Click for details
    Coventry,  5th May- Masjid Zeenat-ul-Islam, 7.20pm (after 'Asr salah)  Click for details
    Gloucester,  6th May- Masjid Jamia Al-Karim, 6.45pm (after 'Asr salah)  Click for details
    Walsall,  12th May- Masjid Al Farouq, 6.35pm (after 'Asr salah)  Click for details
    Nuneaton, 13th May- Nuneaton Masjid, 1.30pm (after Dhuhr salah)  Click for details
    Luton, 19th May - Cresent Hall, 6.45pm  Click for details
    Burnley, 20th May - Masjid Abubakr, 7.15pm (after 'Asr salah)  Click for details
    Bradford, 26th May - Lala's Banqueting Suite, 7.00pm  Click for details
    Rochdale, 27th May - Idara Central Masjid, 7.30pm (after 'Asr salah)  Click for details