Emergency Relief in Somalia

    UWT’s donors have responded to this crisis on an unprecedented scale. Their generosity has allowed UWT to administer the following:

    - Food packages were distributed to 12,658 families in North East Kenya. Of this, 8,333 packages were distributed in Dadaab refugee camp and 4,325 in the rural areas of Garissa and Modagash.

    - In Somalia, throughout July, August and September, 7,850 food packages were distributed to families in Bay and Bakol.

    - In August, a water tanker was deployed from Baidoa to deliver water to families living in the rural areas of Bay and Bakol. One thousand families received clean water each day. Once the rains came, 3 tankers were sent to Mogadishu, to the massive refugee camps that now blanket the city.

    - On Eid ul Fitr, 5,000 refugee families in southern Mogadishu received freshly cooked rice, meat and vegetables and some fruit.

    - On Eid ul Adha, goats were sacrificed in Mogadishu, Baidoa, Wajid, Ufurow, Hudur and Burhakaba. A total of 2,700 were sacrificed, benefitting over 10,000 families.

    - Due to the scale of the work offices were established in Mogadishu and Baidoa.

    - The construction of 170 wells is also underway.

    Towards the end of 2011, 3 cargo planes brought relief supplies of tents, food, utensils and gift bags. Alhamdulillah, these three planes allowed the following to be administered :

    - In Mogadishu tents were distributed in the camps of Gargar, Goolweyne, BilKhair, Garsoor and Al Rahma. Tents were also distributed to flood victims of El Adde in Gedo district.

    - 45kg UWT food packs were handed out to refugee families across the Hodan district, southern Mogadishu.

    - Unique kitchen utensil sets were distributed in Idalle, Ufurow, Qansahere and Baidoa, all in the Bay region; in El Adde and Bardhere in Gedo; and in the camps of Garsoor, Gargar and Al Rahma in Mogadishu.

    - Thousands of refugee children in southern Mogadishu received ‘Kidz 4 Kidz’ gift bags.

    - Cooked food programmes were initiated in Banadir and Madina hospitals. Over 1,000
    patients are currently being fed each day.

    Currently, amidst UWT’s medium term phase, the following has been shipped to Somalia by sea and will be distributed within the first quarter of 2012 inshallah.

         •  20,000 food packages
         •  5,000 kitchen utensil sets
         •  3,000 sets of clothes (Each set containing 6 pairs of clothes and 6 pairs of slippers)
         •  400 steel shelters which last a lifetime
         •  £500,000 worth of medicals supplies (medication, wheelchairs, etc.)