Responding to the Cries of Habasha

    The Horn of Africa comprises Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea & Somalia. In earlier times, this area was referred to as Habasha. It became one of the few regions that Islam reached at its beginning. Through the noble words of Ja’far ibn Abu Talib Radiallahu ‘anhu, Islam shone over Habasha before even that of the blessed Madinah.

    Last year’s famine in the region led to a huge response by the donors of Ummah Welfare Trust. Alhamdulilah thousands of Muslims in Somalia were helped due to your concern and generosity.

    To mark the work on the ground, Ummah Welfare Trust has released a unique report and DVD package showing how your generosity has made a difference. Called ‘Responding to the Cries of Habasha,’ you can watch and read about how thousands of our brother and sisters were helped and continue to be so alhamdulillah.

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    Spread wheat on the tops of mountains so it cannot be said that a bird went hungry in the land of the Muslims.’

    - ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdul ‘Aziz