Myanmar (Burma) Teacher Sponsorship

    Preserving Islam in its true form for our future generations is the duty of every Muslim, rich or poor. One of the most effective methods of fulfilling this obligation is the provision of Madrasah (Islamic schooling) services. Given the current state of the Ummah, never has there been a greater need to ensure that every Muslim child receives a firm grounding in his/her faith.

    Crippling poverty and government repression – both in no way mutually exclusive – has meant that Islamic instruction amongst Muslims has diminished greatly in Myanmar (Burma) over the past few years. Myanmar has approximately 7 – 10 million Muslims, with nearly every city, town or village having a Muslim population.

    The Teacher Sponsorship project aims to deliver much needed basic Islamic education to children in villages and towns in Myanmar. With your support, Ummah Welfare Trust aims to support 150 teachers. Each will teach an average of 30 children and will cover Quran, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, etc. Also as part of the project, the children will receive new clothing and books every year.

    To preserve the Islamic Identity and heritage of Burmese Muslim children, you can sponsor a qualified teacher today for only £25 per month. Just £25 a month could be a means of saving the iman of a poor child. The Sadaqah Jaariyah for this project will be unimaginable inshallah.