UWT in Pakistan - 2011

    5th December 2011 - Slavery to Freedom

    When the word slavery is mentioned one thinks of the images which we read in history books. Slavery is something of the past in all our minds. The bleak reality is that in parts of the world there still exists a modern form of this slavery.

    In Sindh, Pakistan, this modern version of slavery still exists. Masters (locally known as Wadearas) have entire generations of people as slaves. They have enslaved them due to some debt that they have inherited from their predecessors. Whole families work for these masters for little if any wage.

    UWT so far has freed over 250 families from this misery and brought to them the freedom every human deserves.

    Once the families are freed UWT keeps them at their center in Choor (Sindh province) for a period of 4 months. They are taught the different aspects of Islam and after 4 months they are free to go live their lives. Cash grants are given to these newly-freed families.

    Each family is given a kitchen set and regular food packs for the next four months.

    4th December 2011 - Mirpur Khas

    Mirpur Khas was also among the districts hit by this year’s floods. In response,UWT distributed tents and cooked food to its residents.

    Zenat Ali was one of the residents of Mirpur Khas. She is now a widow after her husband was swept away by the floods in front of her own eyes. Local residents say that Zeenat was also about to be washed away by the floods in her attempt to rescue her husband.

    May Allah give her Sabar. Ameen

    Zeenat now lives at the side of her home which is a pile of rubble.

    A tent was provided by UWT

    3rd December 2011 - Kidz 4 Kidz in Badin

    Children are the worst affected in any disaster whether manmade or natural. Thus UWT strives its very hardest to ensure comfort reaches these children. Since the 2010 floods of Pakistan, UWT has distributed thousands of Eid gifts to displaced and homeless children .

    This Year UWT rep Br Adam Bin Yusuf delivered on behalf of the children from the UK thousands of gifts by hand.

    Children were amazed at the gifts and the smiles said everything.

    3rd December 2011 - Misery returns to Sindh Province

    We drove for several hours from Muzaffar Garh towards Sindh Province. As we entered Sindh, scenes of stagnant water which looked like huge rivers on either side of the road started to emerge.

    After driving for a while and not seeing a single house standing except those which were on slightly higher ground, we reached one of the worst affected areas in the 2011 floods.

    Badin was the worst hit area, where thousands of families are still displaced 4 months after the floods.

    UWT was one of the very few charities still operating in Badin. It is currently running a camp with over 800 families.

    Cooked food was provided in the initial aftermath of the flood and tents were pitched for 1000 families. Now UWT has started the food pack program which is given every two weeks. A dry food pack contains rice, sugar, lentils, matches and ghee.

    Along with the food pack UWT, through your donations, provided a complete kitchen set which included a stove, pan set, utensil set, mugs, plates, jugs , water coolers and buckets. UWT also dug 2 water pumps in the camp and also provided filtered water daily.

    UWT established a masjid in the camp ‘Masjid Bilal’, a community centre and two medical clinics. Each clinic has male and female doctors who have been treating men women and children since mid- August 2011.

    Four months on and the lands of Sindh still under water.

    UWT distributed thousands of tents in all five districts of Sindh.

    Residents at the Ummah Tent Village recive regular handouts , these include all the essential items from food to clothing, and blankets to utensils etc.

    Distribution of Goods

    2nd December 2011 - Building Homes for the Homeless

    Alhamdulillah UWT has constructed over 600 new homes in the flood affected areas since last year.

    Muzafargarh boasts over 171 of these new homes. Br Adam bin Yusuf visited the site to see how the locals were getting on within their new homes.

    Prayers of mercy, happiness and bliss were said to all the donors who participated in the house reconstruction program.

    Although UWT constructed over 171 new homes, hundreds of families were still without secure accommodation.

    Many elderly, weak and homeless gathered round when they heard that the UWT team had arrived, in anticipation that they would be chosen for the UWT rehousing program.

    We should try to understand that feeling of homelessness, seeing your home washed away in front of your own eyes and having to live in a tent for the rest of your life.

    Ameer Baksh pictured below was gifted a house after last years devastating floods in Muzaffar Garh.

    Br Adam Bin Yusuf inside Ameer Baksh’s New Home

    1st December 2011 - Water in Jangeera

    Jangeera was one of the worst hit areas in last year’s floods. Thousands of people were left with no access to clean drinking water. Families were left to walk for miles to get clean drinking water.

    UWT started its emergency and development program immediately after the floods and continues to do so till this day Alhamdulillah.

    Today was a happy day for the people of Jangeera as UWT completed the installation of a hand pump. Donated by one of our donors from the UK, this water pump will inshallah bring some ease and comfort for this village.

    UWT has also rebuilt the local masjid and school. This new masjid is called Masjid Taqwa.

    UWT representative brother Adam bin Yusuf visited the masjid and held the opening ceremony. He met with the local elders and students at the masjid who were very happy with the opening of Masjid Taqwa which included a Madrasah and residential quarters.

    30th November 2011 - UCA (Ummah Children Academy)

    Allah has blessed certain places on earth with tranquility and peace, upon entering these areas ones heart is overcome by an unforgettable feeling of inner satisfaction and tranquility.

    The UCA is one of those places on earth where you will feel this experience.

    Today was the graduation ceremony of the 5th student to complete the memorization of the Holy Quran

    An orphan by the name of Asif completed the Hifz program at the UCA. We thank Allah for giving us this opportunity and we also thank the sponsors of this young boy who have looked after him for the past several years. Indeed it is an occasion of happiness for all.

    May Allah protect young Asif and make him among those who protect the book of Allah, ameen.

    UK representative of UWT Br Adam bin Yusuf was asked to say a few words on this occasion, he started by congratulating the young child and then went on to emphasize the importance of understanding the Quran.

    He also emphasized the fact that all students must give great importance to Arabic Language studies as this is the direct way of understanding the last and final word of Allah.

    Luqman below is one of the youngest orphans at the UCA

    29th November 2011 - UCD (Ummah Centre for the Disabled)

    What can we say about the blessings of Allah upon us. Indeed they are countless and priceless. He is the one who has created us without defect and fault.

    Allah through his infinite mercy has kept certain beings who are there just to remind us about the countless blessings he has bestowed upon us. When one looks at those who are less fortunate than himself in wealth and health he has no choice but to bow down in prostration thanking Allah.

    The Prophet PBUH has said – look at those who are lower than you (in money, health, status etc) and do not look at those who are higher than you in (in money, health, status etc) as this will ensure you that you will not disregard/belittle the bounties and blessings of Allah upon you. (Muslim)

    Allah has blessed us with the ability to hear and see, indeed it is he who has made for you your hearing and your eyes and the hearts, little do you appreciate /thank him!. (Surah Tabark)

    UWT established the Disabled Centre in mid 2010 in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

    A number of disabled men women and children are registered with UWT at the center. Disabilities range from physical to mental and psychological.

    Children as young as 3 years old are looked after at the UCD. Many of them were totally deprived of any education due to their disability. Many of the elderly disabled were forced to beg on the streets of Pakistan .

    Now Alhamdulillah due to your efforts and support many of these people can live a life of dignity and honor due to their enrolment at the UCD.

    Classes include sign language for the deaf and mute, arts and crafts, English, Mathematics and Sciences.

    For the elderly there is sewing and stitching room, and other employment programs to suit each disabled individual.

    Imaan and Iqra - Two young girls at the UCD who are deaf and mute

    One of the disabled students now looked after by Ummah Welfare Trust at the UCD, Islamabad Pakistan

    Below children at the UCD