Refugee Relief

    Famine conditions this year in south and central Somalia had forced thousands of families to leave their homes in search of relief.

    Allah’s Messenger Sallallahu ‘alaihiwasallam said, ‘Indeed to Allah belongs a certain creation whom he has created only for the need of mankind. People flock to them in their time of need. Indeed they (the helpers) will be in safety from the punishment from Allah.’ (Tabarani)

    Alhamdulillah, due to the concern and generosity of its donors, UWT will implement its largest relief project since its  inception bi ithnillahita’ala. The charity aims to implement a relief project costing £10 million and spanning over one year. With Allah’s help, thousands of families will be given a new start in life.

    The first phase of UWT’s Somalia project involved bringing 3 cargo planes loaded with emergency relief supplies to provide some urgent relief for refugee families. Between 10th October and 16th November, three UWT cargo planes were flown into Somalia bringing with them:

    • 1,000 tents
    • 2,000 sets of kitchen utensils (containing 45 pieces)
    • 1,090 UWT food packs (35kg each)
    • 4,160 ‘Kidz 4 Kidz’ gifts
    • 4,600 pairs of children’s clothes
    • 320 bags of rice (50kg each)


    With no money and no possessions, refugees construct shelters using anything they can acquire. Mogadishu is blanketed with thousands of refugee homes constructed from branches, cardboard and cloth. Nightly rains regularly devastate these constructions, leaving families no choice but to rebuild them again the following morning.

    Most of the UWT tents from the cargo, (793 to be exact) were distributed in Mogadishu. The majority of these were distributed in the camps of Gargar, Goolweyne, BilKhair, Garsoorand Al Rahma. The recipients had arrived to Mogadishu within the last 6 months, primarily from the regions of Bay and Lower Shabelle. Other recipients (especially in Al Rahma camp) were from the district of Ellasha, northern Mogadishu, and had fled to the inner city to escape the on-going conflict.

    207 tents were also distributed to refugee families around the city of Baidoa, in the district of Bay. These families had stayed close to their homes, refusing to migrate to the popular areas of relief work.

    Food Packs

    A UWT food pack weighs 35kg and contains 20kg of rice, 10kg of flour, 24 packets of biscuits and 3kg of roasted grams. Three bottles of oil – each holding 3 litres – completed the full pack. All food packs that came on the planes were distributed in Mogadishu .

    Target areas for these packages were patients at Banadir Hospital and refugee families in the Hodan district of Mogadishu.

    Kitchen Utensils

    Many refugees arrive at relief zones with little in the way of possessions. Providing dry rations can ostensibly provide some reprieve, but many refugees are left asking how to prepare the food; so scant are their possessions.

    Alhamdulillah UWT distributed a unique itemto refugee families in Somalia –a 45 piece kitchen and washing set. A stove, water cooler, cooking pot, bucket, spoons, plates, cups and much more were in the set The plates, cups, basin, stove spoons are made from a light steel alloy - inshallah ideal for the rigours of a migrant family’s lifestyle. The set is also light enough that if a family chooses to return home, they will not be burdened with too much extra load inshallah.

    UWT distributed these sets to 2000 refugee families in Mogadishu and Bay. Over 1200 sets were distributed in the towns of Idalle, Baidoa, Ufurow, and Qansadhere; all in the district of Bay. The remaining sets were distributed in Mogadishu, in the camps of Garsoor, Gargar, Bil Khair and Al Rahma.

    Clean Water Provision

    Since the advent of the humanitarian crisis in Somalia this year, UWT has trucked clean water daily to families living in rural areas of Bay and Bakol. Around 1000 families would benefit each day, as the UWT water tanker – carrying 40,000 litres of water at any one time- made its way across the rural areas of Somalia.

    Alhamdulillah the rains have now arrived in Bay and Bakol, limiting the need for UWT’s tankers in those areas. However due to the influx of refugees into the cities, especially Mogadishu, the demand for clean water is still great. Local surveys suggest that as much as 80% of refugees in Mogadishu are experiencing widespread shortages of water and are forced to pay exorbitant prices to buy it. UWT therefore brought a water tanker to Mogadishu to help tackle the issue.

    The truck has two storage tankers- the first tank holds 15,000 litres of water and the second tank holds 25,000 litres.

    Each day the truck delivers water to many refugee camps in southern Mogadishu. The majority of the recipient families are from Bay and Lower and have sadly accustomed themselves to surviving on hand outs.

    Inshallah two more water tankers will be coming to Mogadishu from the rural areas. The plan is to provide clean water to every refugee family in southern Mogadishu inshallah.

    Next stages

    The first phase of UWT’s unprecedented project is coming to an end. UWT will now embark on the medium to long term phase inshallah. The focus will be on shipping specially-made steel shelters (which last for a life time), hand stitched clothing, mushafs, and more food packages and kitchen sets to refugees inshallah. Shipments containing these relief supplies will come monthly and will continue to do so till at least next Ramadhan inshallah.

    Finally we ask Allah to give UWT the ability to render the relief work successfully and make the work a means of renewing ties between the rich and poor in this Ummah. Ameen.