Qurbani in Somalia 2011

    Famine conditions this year in south and central Somalia had forced thousands of families to leave their homes in search of relief.

    This year Ummah Welfare Trust sacrificed an unprecedented 2,700 goats for the drought victims Somalia. One goat could provide for four families. ‘Udhiyah’ meat was provided to over 10,000 families this Eid, benefitting around 100,000 Muslims alhamdulillah.

    The surveying process to identify the neediest families for ‘Udhiyah’ meat took one week. In Mogadishu alone, over 2000 cards were distributed to displaced families in the many refugee camps blanketing the city. UWT is very meticulous in its surveying and methods of distribution. Following the completion of surveys and interviews, handouts are delivered to each poor recipient by hand and not through an intermediary, like a camp chairman for example. This method minimizes any exposure to corruption inshallah.

    Given the large number of animals being sacrificed, the Qurbani of took place over three days.

    Region Animals Sacrificed
    Hudur 150
    Mogadishu 600
    Bakol 500
    Baidoa 1167
    Ufurow 150
    Burhakaba 133

    Mogadishu – Containing the highest number of displaced refugees, the city of Mogadishu was blanketed with refugee camps. Given that many NGOs were administering their Qurbani here, UWT felt that 600goats would suffice to cover the most vulnerable families inshallah.

    Bakol – UWT administered the Qurbani in the town of Wajid. The town had become a place of residence for many of farmers and their families who were suffering due to the failed rains. These families had refused to migrate far from their original homes since they always had an intention to go back once the rains arrived. Alhamdulillah, 2050 families benefitted here.

    Baidoa – Here UWT targeted IDPs in the camps of Baidoa and Al Yasir. UWT’s largest Qurbaniproject took place here as it contained the largest number of victims from the droughts. These families had refused to travel far as they had a firm intention to move back once the rains came. They had suffered greatly due to the lack of relief work in the region.

    Ufurow, Burhakaba & Hudur - Due to a last minute incremental increase in the Qurbani numbers, these areas were chosen to implement part of the project. Outside the popular areas of relief work,these families had similarly suffered like those in Baidoa.

    In all, over 10,000 refugee families benefitted from this year’s Qurbani thanks to the generosity ofUWT’s donors. UWT ask Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala to accept the sacrificing of these animals on behalf of all of UWT’s donors. As He says in the Glorious Qur’an:

    It is neither the meat nor their blood that reaches Allah, but it is piety from you that reaches Him. Thus have We made them subject to you that you may magnify Allah for His Guidance to you. And give glad tidings (O Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) to the Muhsinun (doers of good).’ (22:37)