Droughts across southern and central Somalia this year had destroyed the lives of an untold number of children. In their tender years, thousands upon thousands experienced hunger, thirst and displacement.

    Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said, ‘Indeed from amongst the things that make forgiveness necessary is that you create happiness for a Muslim.’ - Tabarani

    As part of its emergency relief efforts in the country, Ummah Welfare Trust launched a nationwide fundraising campaign for schoolchildren in the UK. Called ‘Kidz 4 Kidz’, the campaign encouraged children across the UK to raise money and extend a hand to refugee children in Somalia.

    Schoolchildren’s efforts allowed new clothes and gifts to be handed out to poor Somali children in the refugee camps of Gargar, Goolweyene, Bil Khair, Garsoor, Okiale, Ilaama, Arrowene and elsewhere. Gifts were also given to the sick children of Banadir hospital.

    Thousands of poor children - including many orphans – embraced the new gifts and clothes; their mothers watching on, happy and amazed that strangers from so far away had remembered them. The smiles on the children’s faces brought great gladness to the heart and for one clear moment made everyone forget the hardships and bitterness that have blighted their lives.

    We ask Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala to accept the efforts of our children across the UK who, through their endeavours, have developed a sense of selflessness and generosity that belies their tender ages mashallah. May they continue to serve humanity throughout their lives inshallah.