Chechen Widows

    Chechen Widows

    The first Chechen war of independence against Russia (1994-1996) turned many of the country’s towns and villages into rubble, claiming the lives of 80,000 Muslims and leading to the disappearance of 15,000 more.

    The second war, which began in 1999 and continues to this day, has been fought with even more brutality. Estimates suggest that at least another 25,000 Muslims have been killed with up to another 5,000 missing. Another 100,000 are internally displaced.

    The fighting has created thousands of widows and orphans. Without any meaningful support from the government they are left to survive as best they can with whatever means are at their disposal. In this condition, many are vulnerable to physical and financial exploitation

    Ummah Welfare Trust seeks to ameliorate the plight of impoverished widows in Chechnya by empowering them to start their own businesses and allowing them to stand on their own two feet.

    Whether it’s making honey in the back garden or operating a small scale dairy, our income generation projects are designed in conjunction with the widows themselves, taking into account their individual circumstances.

    The projects restore hope, dignity and financial security to long-neglected women. Once they have achieved self-sufficiency the widows can look forward to a future free from handouts and their businesses can in turn help regenerate the local economy.

    Read the amazing stories of some widows your money has helped.

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    Case Studies

    Padam Shabasova
    Zalpa Gelagaeva
    Zina Shakaeva
    Malkan Khuchieva