UCA Construction Progress Report - April 2011

    Alhamdulillah, the Ummah's Children Academy in Nowshera, Pakistan, was established with a vision to flourish as an institute of academic excellence for 1000 orphans from throughout Pakistan. With the help of Allah, the UCA is now nearing completion.

    1. Senior Academic Block

    The building works have now been substantially completed. Finishing works are in progress. Building facilities, i.e. HVAC, emergency fire alarm system etc., are at planning and design stage. These shall be installed in due course after the approval of designs.

    In the Conference room, new seating furniture has been installed. The lighting and public announcement (PA) system is now fully functional. The conference room is now being used for lectures and teacher-training sessions.

    The laboratory is now fully functional The new waiting room for guests and visitors

    2. Front Entrance

    Hard landscaping works have been substantially completed. Soft landscaping works are currently under progress, i.e. horticulture, grass, etc.

    The front entrance A wooden UWT signboard

    3. Library

    All the construction work has been completed. Procurement of the new library books is under process. Inshallah, the library will hold an extensive range of Islamic books, reference books, language books.

    The sleek new interior of the library

    4. Masjid e Saleem Sarang

    The masjid construction works are now substantially completed. Musalla /Carpet procurement is under process for all three floors. Currently, the masjid is fully functional for its intended purpose.

    5. Idrees Garden

    6. Hostel 3

    Ummah Welfare Trust started the construction of Hostel 3 a year ago. Approximately 400 orphans will be accommodated in this building. The basement, ground & first floor slabs have been completed while the construction of columns on first floor is in progress. Furthermore, the brick masonry works have been completed in the basement and are now on-going on the ground floor. Erection of formwork shuttering for the 3rd floor slab has been completed and steel fixing is in progress. Final 3rd floor slab shall be poured on in May insha Allah.

    7. Other Projects

    Alhamdulillah, land at the rear of UCA has been acquired for which security fencing installation has been completed. A master plan has been drawn up which includes football-cum-cricket pitch, volleyball/badminton courts, new children's play area and a full length swimming pool. These works are either at design stage or are in progress (especially the earthworks).