With just a text...

    This article is based on a conversation with Noshad Ilyas who raised funds for the Pakistan House Reconstruction Programme.

    Noshad first got involved with UWT about a year ago. He began to volunteer for the Blackburn team. His enthusiasm was passed onto his family, especially his children, Aisha who is 8 and Musab who is only 5 years old. I was particularly touched to hear that they went out last winter and posted Winter Aid leaflets in the snow.

    The kids were very knowledgeable about the Trust. Aisha told me that they volunteered because UWT helped poor people. They also took part in ‘Kidz 4 Kidz’ competition last Eid. I could see how happy they were to hear that children in Pakistan were able to enjoy the gifts that were sent from the UK.

    After seeing a UWT presentation, Noshad decided to raise money for the victims of the Pakistan floods. He saw how people’s homes had been washed away leaving them to live out in the open. He pledged to raise funds for a house and began a text message campaign.

    Noshad explained how easy it all was. He wrote a text message about his intentions and sent it out to all his contacts. Within a short time, he had secured enough funds for a house.

    £2000 is not much, 20 of us chip in £100, not much,” said Noshad.

    On a recent visit to Pakistan, Noshad went down to see the house that was being constructed on his behalf. Shah Newaz Khan from the UWT Pakistan Team took Noshad to the site of the house in Noshera.

    Impressed by the speed of the team on the ground, the first time Noshad went to view the house, he saw builders just laying the foundations, but a few weeks later the house was being plastered and nearly complete. He brought back images of the house to show his family and friends.

    The plaque displaying Noshad and his family’s name made it instantly recognisable. Noshad told me that all the houses were furnished with beds, blankets and kitchen utensils. The children were really happy that they had helped a family who were less fortunate.

    A family of five will live in the house. Tariq is the eldest. Since he no longer has a father, he is responsible for taking care of his mother and siblings. He also took part in rebuilding the house.

    Noshad pointed out that UWT were being very resourceful. They recycled the bricks to minimise the cost of reconstruction. Careful checks were carried out to ensure that these houses were not rebuilt on land that belonged to someone else.   

    Since returning to the UK, Noshad is now raising funds for another house. He has already raised half of the money for the next house.


    His message to potential donors is that you should choose UWT because of its 100% donations policy. You can be assured that the full amount will go towards your intended destination.

    Noshad also urges people who have already donated towards UWT Appeals to go and visit the location of the projects to see how it is making a difference to the lives of countless members of our Ummah the world over.