Ummah Welfare Trust (U.K) Distribute Aid to Afghan Refugees

    Wednesday, May 8th 2002
    The Daily Baakhabar

    QUETTA: Ummah Welfare Trust representative Maulana Mohammed Idrees visited Refugee camps along the Afghan border in close proximity to Spinboldak and Akhterabad to witness the plight of the Afghan Refugees. He distributed vital Aid to 2,000 refugee families. The Aid packs comprised of 20kg of flour, 5kg of Ghee, 1kg of rice, 2.5kg of lentils, 2.5kg of sugar, 0.5kg of tea, and other essential commodities.

    Ummah Welfare Trust has distributed millions of Rupees worth of Aid in the Refugee Camps both in Afghanistan and along the Pakistani/Afghan Border. A previous project entailed distributing special Eid Day packs to 4,000 families, the packs comprised of medicine, clothes and food.