Ummah Training Centre

    Sanctions, blockades and incessant conflict are condemning the Palestinians to a life of economic despair, deprivation and hardship. Massive unemployment in Gaza is taking a toll like never before. Families are hungry, lack medical supplies and cannot afford to send their children to school.

    With 57% of the population under 18, there is a huge need to educate and train the Palestinian people. Education is fundamental to the broader notion of human development and inshallah with a more skilled and educated population, the Palestinians can become more self-reliant and better-equipped to deal with the many struggles they are facing.

    Facing few options, human capital is now the Palestinians’ main asset. Considering the need and potential, UWT has supported the establishment of the ‘Ummah Training Centre’ (UTC) in Gaza city to open up space for the vulnerable and unemployed to further their skills.

    The first hall The second hall 

    The aims of this centre are to:

    •    Build the skill set of the Palestinian men and women, i.e. potential job seekers.
    •    Develop social support structures for the Palestinian youth.
    •    Develop leadership, entrepreneurial, life and pre-employment skills for the youth.

    With the help of Allah, UWT has so far provided courses on Advance Excel, engineering software, ICDL Windows programming and English courses from basic to moderate level for Palestinian students.  It is also developing courses in the fields of Islamic studies, Management, Science & Technology and Personal development. These training courses are led by academics who provide the much needed expertise to educate the youth.

    Some quotes from the beneficiaries

     “The training laboratory contributed in building the capacity of our Palestinian community, I passed 3 training courses at the computer lab.  I thank Ummah Welfare Trust in the United Kingdom for implementing the computer training laboratory in Gaza .'   Nedal Daher, 27 years old, Trainee

    'This computer laboratory greatly benefited our students in Gaza.  I trained hundreds of students in the field of Project Managements and other technical courses at this great laboratory. All thanks to the British organisation Ummah Welfare Trust which established the lab. '  Hatem Al-Zanen , 38 years old, Trainer in the field of Project Management and Advanced Technology.

    Inshallah in course of time the UTC will become a centre of hope for the Palestinian youths.