Ummah Employment Generation Project

    The Hadith of Ibn ‘Umar (R.A) says, “and the most beloved action to Allah is Happiness you create for a Mu’min (believer), you may uplift a difficulty from him, or you may repay a debt for him, or you may expel hunger from him.”
    (Ibn Abi Aldunya, Sahih Al Jami)

    The unemployment rate in Gaza now stands at 50%. Hundreds of thousands unemployed have meant children cannot go to school; people remain sick and untreated; and families remain hungry.

    Economic security is at its worst since 1967. Palestinian farmers cannot work as farms close to the border areas are subject to continued unprovoked Israeli aggression. Fishing areas have been reduced to just 3 nautical miles off the Gaza coast – 15% of the eligible area established under the Oslo records. More than half the population experiences intermittent electricity supply and gas and petrol are now at a premium. The strangulation of Gaza means 80% of its inhabitants now rely on hand outs.

    Income and wealth are not ends in themselves but rather instruments for greater goals. The denial of these instruments has paralysed the Palestinian people and stopped their capability to function.

    Through an innovative training and employment generation programme UWT helped 25 families to fight poverty.

    25 unemployed men from the Northern region of Gaza were selected for training workshops where they were taught management and communication skills and how to use software packages. Various other vocational skills were also taught.

    They were then sent to host companies and institutes to intern for 3 months. Two thirds of the salary for the internship period was funded by UWT while the remaining third was paid by the host company.

    Alhamdulillah, many of those who interned have now signed long-term contracts at their work placements. The others have earned more confidence to acquire gainful employment to fight poverty.

    You can continue to help them fight poverty by clicking here.