Spring in Gaza

    “The great Imam, Abu Abdullah Al Hakim, (author of the great book, Al Mustadrak) was ill with sore blisters covering his face for over a year. He asked many pious people to pray for him and they prayed abundantly for him. He then provided Sadaqah to the Muslims by placing drinking water at his door for public use. Not a week passed by him doing this except that those sore blisters were no longer to be seen, with his face returning more beautiful than it was before.”
    Al Zawajir Lil Haitami

    In Gaza, destroyed roof tanks, tankers, cisterns and reservoirs have led massive water shortages. With 80 per cent of Gaza in poverty and facing an unending blockade which has drastically limited building supplies, most of these water sources – which were destroyed in the Israeli bombardment in January 2009 – remain unfixed and of no use.

    Over-pumping of groundwater by the Israelis has meant any wells that are still in use have become salinated to the point of being unusable. The growing quantity of untreated water has led to rise in skin infections and water borne infections among children. More worrying still, are the rising cases of heart failure, kidney failure and bone fluorosis. This water is well below WHO standards and is slowly poisoning Gaza.


    Following assessments, UWT – with the help of UK donors – embarked up on a six month project to deliver safe desalinated drinking water to poor families in Eastern Gaza. Water was delivered each week at the door-step of every selected family. Alhamdulillah, over a period of six months in 2010, a total of 160 Palestinian families (each family averaging 7 members) received a total 1,440,000 litres of desalinated safe and pure drinking water for house hold use.


    Considering the severity of the need for water UWT has extended this project for further six months. This time the number of families has been increased to 200.


    Furthermore, with the help of the Indian Muslim Welfare Association (IMWA), Batley, 174 water tanks were handed over to poor families residing in the region. Each tank had a capacity of 1000 litres. These families could now inshallah have access to clean water 24 hours a day. 


    All the families were grateful to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala for the generosity of the donors in the UK and they hope UK donors will continue to remember the sufferings of the Palestinians in their du’as.


    May Allah accept the efforts of UWT donors and grant them further opportunities in the future to earn His pleasure. Ameen.

    You can continue to help the children of Palestine by clicking here.