Dressed to learn

    Today, over two years after the Israeli assault, the Gaza strip still remains in perpetual crisis. The infrastructure is in ruins, food is scarce (the population consumes well below the accepted daily calorific intake), water is contaminated and there is no opportunity to earn. Nearly half of the population lives under extreme poverty. Of the 1.5 million population 80% are dependent on humanitarian aid.
    53% of the population of Gaza is under 18. Many of them do not go to school as hundreds of schools were destroyed by the Israeli bombardment. Any schools that were spared, struggle to run as they lack electricity, books, equipment and money to pay the teachers.

    With 78% of the population living below the poverty line and therefore unable to afford school uniforms, many families alternate daily which child they send to school to ensure the child is wearing a uniform. Unsurprisingly school attendances and performances have dropped. 

    With the start of the academic year for 2010/2011, UWT and its donors in the UK gave children in Gaza a renewed hope in their studies.

    At the Khubaeb School in Al-Nusaeirat, Gaza, 1356 children received school bags with stationary supplies, while 300 were provided with school uniforms. Many of these children were orphans, who lost their parents in the Israeli invasion in January 2009. Others came from families that were desperately poor and where the parents were unemployed.

    happy palestinian children

    Each child received:
    •    A rucksack
    •    A note book
    •    A nylon cover for the notebook
    •    An eraser & plastic ruler
    •    Pencils & sharpener
    •    Colour pencils
    •    A Blue pen and a red pen
    •    A pencil case
    •    A small stapler and staples 
    •    A geometry set

    The uniform was either a ‘kurta’ or a ‘jubba’.

    happy palestinian children

    Alhamdulillah, the project was a huge success and inshallah part of wider initiative to fund educational establishments throughout the Gaza region.

    happy palestinian children
    May Allah accept the efforts of UWT’s donors.

    You can continue to help the children of Palestine by clicking here.