Jamea Al Kauthar raises over £11,000 for Pakistan

    Jamea Al Kauthar, an Islamic boarding school for girls in Lancaster, organised a one day fundraiser to support the Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) Pakistan Reconstruction Programme. They raised an outstanding £11,180.61 for those still suffering in the aftermath of last years floods.

    Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah the event was a great success! Around 360 students and staff participated in the event and raised an outstanding and unexpected £11,180.61 for UWT. This is a phenomenal achievement as the event was not open to the public, even parents. The local community and parents were not invited due to short notice. Therefore, money raised was solely from what students had from their personal spending money.

    Ten days before the event, the students were presented with an hour long presentation by UWT showing how people are suffering in third world countries. Students watched a video of real life stories and listened to a heart provoking speech on how we can help and make a difference. Students were also told the reason for our link with UWT. They were informed of our initial intention and aim which was to sponsor a house for a needy family for £2,000. Any remaining money would be given to the most affected areas.

    A letter was given to students, who travel home on weekends, to give to parents outlining the presentation. The letter asked parents to kindly contribute by giving donations towards food and donating food that can be prepared on the day of the event, and of course, to pray for the success of the event.

    The staff had regular meetings after the presentation to discuss how money could be raised within the short time available, ensuring that the amount of money spent was minimal and making sure that all food and activities were kept within the budget of most of the students who would be spending only their personal pocket money.

    Various ideas were explored. Staff would stage a mini-conference during the evening of the event where all staff including the head teachers would either be acting, doing a speech or a prayer around the theme of giving thought to those that are less fortunate, helping students to be grateful, not waste and always appreciate what they have and their responsibility as a citizen and a Muslim. This event was sponsored by students after displaying a poster mentioning the highlights of the conference. Students felt honoured and delighted to see the certain members of staff performing unexpected roles. They raised over £600!

    The staff of Jamea Al Kauthar agreed to wearing bright colours on the day of the event i.e. lime green and yellow in order to raise money. The week before the event, students voted by donating £1 per vote for their chosen teachers. The more the votes the brighter the colour!

    Each class, with the assistance of the form tutor, forwarded suggestions on how they would help to raise money. The ideas were agreed and confirmed by the head teachers. The condition of any fundraising activity was that donations must be kept very low - approximately £1 per student. The amount was not specified as it may have been difficult for some students to contribute. All activities were Shariah compliant (something UWT adheres to) and any activity which required more money, e.g. hiring a bouncy castle and other equipment, was funded by two classes.

    Some of their ideas are mentioned below:

    • Bouncy castle
    • Bungee run
    • Obstacle course made with tyres and old mattresses etc. (No additional cost was required)
    • Jumble sale
    • Dessert stall
    • Personalized balloons
    • Candy floss
    • Chocolate fruit sticks
    • Find the 'special' balloon room
    • Ice cream
    • Slush (made by hand)
    • Drinks (soft, cocktail and fizzy)
    • Written auction organized by the final year students who requested each staff member to donate their most beloved item specifying why it meant so much to them which would be auctioned. The student's eagerness towards this was evident as hundreds of pounds were raised from each of the senior staff's.
    • Food was sold which was bought by contributions made by parents and the fourth year students. Wraps, burgers, BBQ, Paninis, fried chicken and chips were prepared by the fourth year students themselves

    Staff had an area where they stood with a simple box asking, encouraging students to spend in Allah's path and making requests for donations without receiving any food or participating in the activities. To see the amount donated in this manner was also very pleasing.

    An elegant and eye-catching canvas was signed by all the male lecturers and the Principal, which was auctioned raising hundreds of pounds.

    Even after the event, the students were continuously coming to the office emptying out all that they had in their purses confidently showing their support, eagerness and conviction towards the money going towards a great cause.

    May Allah reward all those that took part in abundance and similarly inspire others to help the needy around the world.


    Senior Teacher comment

    'The day was a huge success compared to what we expected! We are extremely proud at the generosity of the students and involvement of the staff. The girls were spending and donating as though they were directly giving in the helpless orphans hands. May Allah accept their kind donations & grant them the zeal to continuously spend in Allah's path.' (Ameen)

    Students' comments

    'The fundraising event created smiles everywhere - smiles for us and smiles for them.' (Year 7)

    'We always want, they simply need...' (Year 8)

    'We have certainly realized it's so easy to make a difference in somebody's life. All it takes is a sincere heart and a hand that is willing to help.' (Year 9)

    'Little effort, delicious treats and lots of fun; formed a means of shelter, access to clean water and simple piece of bread for the less fortunate. It's amazing to see how much our little extras can make such a big difference to them as they are their necessities for their next breath!' (Year 10)

    'I finally felt as though I acted on the Hadith were the Prophet SAW states that 'The ummah is like one body...' witnessing the staff and students striving for one cause certainly evidenced the fruits of unity. I constantly pray after this event that Muslims of the ummah unite, strengthen their bonds, gathering the same vision in order to fulfil their responsibility.' (16+ student)