UCA Construction Progress Report - March 2011

    Alhamdulillah, the Ummah’s Children Academy in Nowshera, Pakistan, was established with a vision to flourish as an institute of academic excellence for 1000 orphans from throughout Pakistan. With the help of Allah, the UCA is now nearing completion.

    The finals stages of the construction are focusing on three areas:

    1.    Senior Academic Block:
    The electrical wiring is being done in the conference room and the floor tiles are being installed. Air conditioning is also being installed.

    Floor tiles are installed under a new suspended ceiling. Folding seats are prepared for the conference room.

    The science laboratory is waiting for the standard equipment: flasks, chemical tubes, Bunsen burners, taps, etc. These will be added in the next few days.

    Heavy duty worktops in the science laboratory. A ceiling is painted in the corridor.
    A worker polishes the veranda on the ground floor. A sleek new library and study is close to completion.

    2.    Masjid e Saleem Sarang:

    Alhamdulillah, the construction of the masjid is in its final stages.

    Wooden tiles decorate the new mehrab. Glass doors are installed on the ground and first floors of the masjid. 
    The new minaret  is being assembled.  

    3.    Hostel 3
    Ummah Welfare Trust started the construction of Hostel 3 a year ago. Approximately 400 orphans will be accommodated in this building. The basement, ground & first floor slabs have been completed while the construction of columns on first floor is in progress. Furthermore, the brick masonry works have been completed in the basement and are now on-going on the ground floor.

    The second floor of the third hostel is being completed. Elegant wooden fencing encircles the garden in front of Hostel 3.