Cataract operations in Mangrol, Gujarat, 20.02.2011

    The district of Gujarat in Western India has a population of over 50 million, of which 9% is Muslim. Despite mainstream reports indicating Gujarat as being one of the wealthier states in India, UWT workers found poverty evident wherever they went.

    Gujarat Map

    The team visited Mangrol, Gujarat to oversee the cataract operations taking place. A medical team from Ahmadabad were brought in to perform the operations in Zohra hospital. The procedure itself takes 10 minutes, but patients stay in the hospital for up to four hours before they are discharged. Upon discharge, each patient is given a briefing on what to do at home. They are then given sun glasses and eye drops before being sent home.

     Zhora Hospital  People Waiting
    Zhora Hospital  Patients waiting for the cataract operation

    700 prospective patients turned up on the day of the team’s arrival. Each person received an initial assessment and was given a slip with a number. That day 62 operations were carried out. People not seen will come back to next month’s camp. Overall, 100 cataract operations were carried out this February.

    Cataract Operation India Cataract
    Cataract operations being conducted.

    Alhamdulillah the project is carried out on a monthly basis.