Auction and sale raises 11,000

    Tuesday, January 11th 2005
    Leicester Mercury

    Leicester Mercury UK - A Sale and auction raised more than £11,000

    More than 1,500 people packed the Ziaul-Islam hall on Berners Street in Spinney Hills, Leicester on Sunday.

    Cakes and jewellery were among items sold to raise funds at the event, which was only open to women and children.

    Volunteer and event coordinator Sajedah Patel said: “It was over whelming for us, it was much more then what we were expecting.”

    The event was staged by the Ummah Welfare Trust, which has already raised more than £40,000 in Leicester.

    Cash will go to buy emergency food, medicine and shelter for the people of Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

    Mrs Patel said the Muslim community was traditionally modest in talking about charity, but the welfare trust was overwhelmed with donations received.