Sponsored Walk for Gaza

    A bloody stain on the landscape, the Gaza strip remains in fetters and in dire need of assistance. Nearly half the population lives in extreme poverty and of the 1.5 million people living there, 80% are dependent on humanitarian aid.

    A local masjid in Bolton has refused to forget Gaza’s suffering. Concerned with the deteriorating health situation in the region, locals from Masjid-e-Salam undertook a sponsored walk from Bolton to Blackburn hoping to raise funds for the IVF project being implemented in Gaza by UWT.

    Twelve brothers from the masjid undertook the 15 mile walk, braving the cold winter weather in order to get their message across.

    In the cold Lancashire countryside.

    Taking a break
    Taking a break.

    An account by brother Ayub, who took part in the walk:

    “It is about 15 miles but seemed much longer during the walk.
    Following du’a after Fajr salat, 12 of us – including our Imam – left for Blackburn.

    As we left the Masjid, we remembered all those Masjids that were destroyed in the aerial bombardment of Gaza in January 2009.
    During our walk as we started to feel hungry, one friend, feeling the pangs, said, ‘It must be so hard to get food everyday in Gaza.’
    Family and friends rang us with words of encouragement while we remembered those countless orphans who now don’t have mothers and fathers to ring.
    We constantly remembered those in Gaza who have sacrificed everything except their dignity.
    When we stopped to eat, one brother remarked about how privileged we are.
    Subhanallah, then we thought that the Muslims of Gaza are actually more privileged as they are closer to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala than we are.”

    Nearly there
    Nearly there.

    Finally arrived
    Finally arrived.

    Alhamdulillah, the raised amount of £1500 will be donated towards the Palestine IVF Project.
    May Allah accept their honourable efforts and similarly inspire us to have the same concern for those who are suffering around the world.

    More information can be found regarding the IVF project by clicking here.