Pakistan Flood Report

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    Six months ago, Pakistan was hit by devastating monsoon floods. The unprecedented deluge displaced over 20 million people. It was described as the country’s worst floods in a hundred years. The impact was greater than the Asian tsunami, hurricane Katrina and the Pakistan and Haiti earthquakes combined. Nearly 2000 lives were lost in the initial aftermath but the toll continues to rise.

    Six months on, the situation is still intolerable. More than the entire population of some countries are still in desperate need of help. Malnutrition is at a level not seen since the famines of Ethiopia and Darfur. The homeless and destitute are now facing the outbreak of pneumonia, hypothermia and wide-spread respiratory infections. Unless we act swiftly, many of the elderly, pregnant women and children will not survive.

    Join the effort in helping millions of survivors return home and rebuild their lives.

    Please read on to find out how you can help.

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