Pakistan Appeal Phase Two: Reconstruction


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    The Country is now even more desperate. The situation is being likened to the deadly famines that recently hit Africa. Continued aid to these helpless families is crucial.  
    UWT has embarked upon an extensive reconstruction programme which aims to rebuild entire villages in the regions that were worst affected by the floods. Plans to construct a total of 20 villages are already in motion. Each village will consist of 100 Houses with an adequate supply of clean drinking water. Masjids with integrated Madrasahs will be set up to help victims return to normality. Villagers will also receive Donkeys and Carts to help them earn a living.

    House Construction

    A Widow. Journey to Hope

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    The flood waters may have receded or evaporated in most parts of the country, but the scars it has left on the lives of millions of people are still fresh.

    Despite emergency relief operations ending in January, around 4 million people still live under open skies. Cold, hungry and possessing just the clothes on their back, these unfortunate victims are still looking to the outside world for help. Their situation is compounded by government inaction, a volatile security situation and an inattentive media which has shifted its focus elsewhere.

    International aid agencies state that many of last year’s flood victims are still only homeless because of a shortage of funds for humanitarian relief. We are fortunate to be in a position to ameliorate this. For a small amount, we can bring relief to our Muslim brothers and sisters who have been left out in the cold.

    UWT – joining hands with its donors – is hoping to rebuild 2000 homes in the most affected regions. These homes will be spread across 20 villages with each village having 100 homes. Each home will cost £2000 and will be tailored specifically for every family.

    For only £2000, we could mitigate a family’s hardships. This amount could provide a suffering homeless family with sturdy concrete home that will hopefully withstand the impact of any future floods. In this home, a family will eat, sleep and pray in comfort, knowing that there are fellow Muslims who love them for sake of the Almighty.

    Abu Huraira (Radiyallāhu ‘Anhu) reported Allah's Messenger (Salallāhu ‘Alayhi Wa sallam) as saying,

    "Among the actions and good deeds for which a believer will continue to receive reward after his death are knowledge which he taught and spread, a good son whom he left behind, or a copy of the Qur'an which he left as a legacy, or a mosque he built, or a house which he built for the traveller, or a stream which he caused to flow, or a sadaqa which he gave from his property when he was alive and well, for which he will continue to receive reward after his death." (Ibn Majah and Baihaqi)

    Once a donation of £2000 is received, the house will be reconstructed and feedback will be provided within six months. This will consist of photographs of the home, its address and details regarding the beneficiaries. A plaque will also be assembled to the new home showing the donor’s name.

    House Reconstruction Pakistan House Reconstruction

    You are encouraged to help fundraise for a house. Please raise funds for a house and encourage family and friends to take part. Download the House Sponsorship form below:

    House Sponsorship Form: House the Needy

    Masjid Construction

    The powerful surge did not discriminate between anything in its path. Thousands of masjids were destroyed.

    UWT now aims to reconstruct as many masjids as possible to ensure the people’s spiritual needs are still being met. Each masjid will have an integrated madrasah to teach and educate the many children who have missed out on the opportunity to learn about Islam.

    The beating hearts of communities through Pakistan, these institutions will hopefully play a crucial role in rehabilitating the victims after the floods.

    This is a blessed opportunity for you to help safeguard the imān of those displaced after the floods. From the young children who learn the basics of faith to the old men who stand all night and pray: all these rewards could accrue to a single donor. Such rewards are incalculable.

    Masjid Habib Muslims Praying in a Masjid

    The reconstruction of a masjid works out to approximately £7 per square feet.
    The cost of a large Masjid which caters 210 people is £11,450.
    The cost of a small Masjidwhich caters for 110 people is  £5,700.

    Once a donation for a masjid has been received, reconstruction and feedback for it will be provided within six months. A plaque will also be assembled to the masjid detailing your name.

    You can name the masjid whatever you like. Why not name it after a deceased person or an institution (for example, your local masjid)? Or even name it after a great personality of Islam or you can just leave it to the locals who will benefit from your generosity.

    The first and foremost duty of our own beloved Messenger of Allāh (Salallāhu ‘Alayhi Wa sallam) upon entering Al-Madinah at the time of migration was to build a masjid. (Tirmidhi, Ibn  Khuzaymah, Ibn Hibban).

    'Uthmān (Radiyallāhu ‘Anhu) says that he heard the Messenger of Allāh (Salallāhu ‘Alayhi Wa sallam), peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him, say:

    "Whoever builds a masjid, desiring thereby Allāh's pleasure, Allāh builds for him the like of it in paradise." (Bukhari)

    Water Wells

    UN studies estimate that up to 10 million people are still at risk of drinking contaminated water.

    The floods destroyed much of the infrastructure for supplying water while also contaminating water sources in many parts of the country. There are now severe shortages of clean water in the flood ravaged areas, posing a serious threat of epidemics.

    Clean water deprivation in Pakistan is undermining any progress made in the relief efforts. Skin infections and diarrhoeal diseases – including cholera – are spreading rapidly through tent camps which themselves have turned into fields of sludge up to four feet deep. In the coming months, rising temperatures and stagnant waters will lead to higher incidences of dengue and malaria.

    After a disaster, clean water is even more essential than food. The human body can survive for weeks without food but for only 3 to 5 days without water. It is imperative therefore that clean water supplies are made as abundant as possible as soon as possible.

    You can help UWT continue in its commitment to providing clean water for the needy around the world. For only £600 pounds, you can purchase a water well to be installed in a flood affected village, providing a long term solution to those in need. A water well will eradicate the dependence on irregular water hand-outs that many victims are currently enduring.

    Pakistan water Well

    Sa’ad Ibn ‘Ubādah, asked, "Apostle of Allah, what form of Sadaqah is the best?" He replied, "Water." (Abu Dawood)

    Donkey and Cart Project

    The land has now become infertile which will have a lasting impact on the agricultural communities in the region. A cost effective project has been developed to help victims to generate income to support their families. Villages will be provided with donkeys and carts to help them earn a living.

    The Donkey and Cart may be used to transport goods and provide various services to businesses. The Cart alone may also be used as a stall to sell goods to the public.

    Donkey and Cart

    This project will cost £200

    Cart: £120 
    Donkey: £80