Reception of an ambulance from UWT of Britain

    Friday, January 28, 2005
    PKPU Online

    PKPU Online JAKARTA - PKPU's National Zakat-Amil Trust was trusted an ambulance car worth 205 million rupiahs from a British NGO Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT), delivered directly by its representative Ifkhar.

    The reception of the ambulance car, Mazda E2000, took place at the PKPU office's front yard Jalan Raya Condet No 27 G East Jakarta on Wednesday (26/1/05) at 14.30 West Indonesian Time. The General Director of PKPU Sahabudin and PKPU Foundation represented by RB Suryama M. Sastra received the car from UWT's representative Ifkhar.

    The General Director Sahabudin said that the aid was part of the cooperation with and trust from UWT to PKPU after seeing directly the dedication of the Health Team of PKPU on site, working relentlessly 24 hours to help tsunami victims. 'In the future, UWT will arrange humanitarian aid for orphanage', explain Ifkhar.

    In this occasion, the representative Ifkhar had a chance to test-drive the ambulance car in the front yard of PKPU office. 'This ambulance car especially is light. The steering is easy to control', commented Ifkhar after test-driving the car while giving a thumb up. 'Understandably, the car has a luxury outlook with the emergency accessories, and it's a make of Mazda E2000', added Sahabudin. (pkpu)

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