Alone in the Mountains

    Alone in the Mountains

    In the mountainous regions of Balakot lives a widow, Sumayyah Bibi, who is currently sponsored by UWT. She was sadly widowed in the earthquake of October 2005 when her husband was crushed while driving a vehicle that day.  She lives with her 6 children.

    Reaching her home requires a huge effort. The landscape is characterized by steep mountainsides and an unforgiving terrain. Many vehicles struggle to reach the top of the mountain where she resides, so often one has to walk, and even climb, the last few hundred metres to her home.

    Ummah Welfare Trust has been looking after this widow since the loss of her husband. Regular payments have, alhamdulillah, been made to her since then.

    UWT representative, Shaykh Adam bin Yusuf, with Sumayyah Bibi and her children.

    When UWT field workers went to see her home following the floods, one remarked, “If I was to say that no animal in the UK is living in such conditions I don’t think I would be lying.” Her living conditions were shocking to behold. It was even more heart-wrenching to see her 6 children with her like this.

    The money provided to her by UWT barely sufficed for her. It just about covered her children’s education- which was basic - and a modest amount of food. 
    When asked what they would like, the children replied, “a home.”

    An appeal was made to the people of UK for this sister in Islam and we hope they respond.

    'Amr bin Maimun narrated:

    I saw ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab a few days before he was stabbed in Madinah ….. ‘Umar added, “If I live, I would not leave the widows of Iraq in need of anyone after me.”… (Bukhari)