Qurbani Feedback 2010

    Qurbani Overview (Over £570,000 worth of animals sacrificed)

    Qurbani, on the day of Eid al-Adha, has always been a great obligation to this great Ummah of Rasulallah (SAW). The act of ‘Udhiya’ is to commemorate the great act of worship offered by the Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

    Qurbani also acts as a reminder that on this joyous occasion our concern and generosity should extend to others beyond our immediate family – those needy and destitute who also command  rights over us.

    The Qurbani programme has always been a crucial part of the relief work at Ummah Welfare Trust. With preparation starting months in advance of Eid-ul-Adha, UWT purchased suitable animals, fed them sufficiently and then sought out the most deserving recipients of the donations.

    This year, through the generosity of UWT’s donors, the blessings of Eid reached poor Muslim communities in 14 countries around the world. Alhamdulillah, fresh ‘Qurbani’ meat was distributed to over 150,000 Muslims.

    Where the money was spent


    £22,000 worth of ‘Udhiyah’ meat was distributed in Palestine. Alhamdulillah, over a 1000 people benefited from the generosity of UK donors.

    In Africa, £60,000 of ‘Udhiyah’ meat was enjoyed in Somalia, Kenya, Malawi and Guinea. Over 22,000 Muslims in the continent were blessed with fresh ‘Udhiyah’ meat this year.

    There were 50,000 beneficiaries in India and 5000 beneficiaries in Bangladesh respectively. The majority of the poor in these countries rarely get to consume fresh meat, the gratitude of the recipients was heart warming.

    Message from beneficiaries

    How wonderful! People from so far away remembered the poor like us. We are so happy to receive so much meat. We will make lots of Dua for all of you carrying out this amazing work, especially in a place like ours. We would really appreciate if such an ‘Amal’, rendered for our people, was to continue every year.
    Hafiz Habibullah, Sundarban Islamia Madrasa, Bangladesh

    There must be thousands of trusts in the world, but this UK based trust of yours has really recognised and understood our needs. We once again appreciate how the strength of Iman can make us recognise each other’s problems and bring us all closer together. We all (the old, young, men and women) pray for you and your committee members and make lots of Duas that the Almighty fulfils all your wishes and protect you from all evils, Ameen.

    We poor Muslim villagers benefitted greatly from your Qurbani programme. Many people ate ‘Qurbani Gosht’ for the first time in 50 or 60 years. May the Almighty Allah protect such trusts and the people who are involved. May the Almighty reward those who gave money for this Qurbani and reward them in the hereafter, Ameen.
    Mohammad Tayib Islam, Madrassa Ashraful Uloom, Kayalpara, India

    £233,300 worth of ‘Udhiyah’ meat was allocated to Pakistan. Amidst the worst flood crisis in living memory, 2300 small animals and 1050 large animals were distributed. UWT ensured fresh ’Udhiyah’ meat worth over £49,000 was also delivered to those still suffering in the aftermath of the devastating 2005 earthquake in Kashmir.

    Pakistan Qurbani 1  Pakistan Qurbani 2
    Qurbani meat being distributed in Pakistan. UWT Field Visit by Sheikh Adam in Pakistan during Qurbani.

    Eyewitness accounts in Pakistan by Sheikh Adam Bin Yusuf (UWT's International Fundraiser):

    Wednesday 17th November 2010

    “Alhamdulillah, today is the day of Eid-Ul-Adha in Pakistan.  We performed Eid Salah in the Ummah Children Academy (UCA) Masjid at 7:30 am. The Salah was led by Shaykh Ahmed Ali.

    We travelled to the slaughter house (a few kilometers from the UCA), where the animals, who numbered in the thousands, were to be sacrificed. The animals had been fed good quality feed for the last month. Once sacrificed, gutted and skinned, they were transported via trucks to the cutting room in the UCA. After being cut, the meat was packed into 5 Kg bags to be ready for distribution.

    Distribution was primarily done in our tent villages. Udhiyah meat was also packed in trucks and sent to Sindh, Swat, Balakot, Afghanistan and Kashmir. The meat was refrigerated ensuring its freshness till distribution.”

    Thursday 18th November 2010

    “Today we went to distribute the ‘Udhiyah’ in an area called Akbar Pura, in the district of Peshawar. Alhamdulillah, we managed to register all the recipients in the region, the majority of whom were Afghan widows. All the recipients were gathered in a compound where a systematic registration took place. The distribution of the ‘Udhiyah’ meat then commenced.”

    Pakistan Qurbani 1