Kids 4 Kids Competition

    United Kingdom
    Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) launched a nationwide fundraising competition to buy gifts for children who were victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan last July. It gave an opportunity for young children in the UK to play an active role in the worldwide fundraising efforts for the victims of Pakistan’s recent floods.

    Madrassahs across the UK took part in a week long competition. The children managed to raise a record £40,000. An amount which brought exceptional joy and happiness to hundreds of children in the temporary tent villages set up by UWT in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region in Pakistan.
    This unique project brought together teachers, parents and children and made a real difference to young children in Pakistan. It also brought a huge sense of satisfaction to the pupils who took part, encouraging empathy and generosity among groups of children who were thousands of miles apart from each other.  

    One child did not want to buy Eid clothes for himself this year. His mother said that he instead wanted to donate his Eid money to help the ‘KIDZ 4 KIDZ’ cause.

    The child that raised the most money was handed a trophy during a madrassah assembly.
    Every madrassah received a certificate of appreciation in recognition of their support while the top three madrassahs were presented with trophies.

    “We decided to present goody bags to all the children who took part to celebrate their outstanding work. This campaign has brought about a sense of solidarity amongst the children of the Ummah and has given the opportunity for young children to do their part,” said Umar Faruq, who coordinated the campaign in Lancashire.

    The highest fundraiser from all the pupils in the country was Rimsa Ahmed, of Masjid Faisal Islam, who managed to raise a magnificent £1000.20 for the children of Pakistan.

    The top 3 madrassahs, who raised the most money, were:

    1st.    Zakariyya Masjid, Dewsbury - £4152.42
    2nd.    Masjid Faisal Islam, Birmingham - £3657.96
    3rd.    Alif academy, Oldham - £2411.61

    Shaykh Adam ibn Yusuf and internationally renowned speaker Sheikh Ahmed Ali travelled to Pakistan to personally present the gifts to the children. The gifts were presented in the form of an ‘Eid Box’ that contained toys, clothing and snacks. Each child was also given 500 rupees (£5).

    A total of 3000 packs were distributed among the children in the tent villages set up by UWT.

    This was the best Eid I have celebrated,” said Adam. “Even though I am away from my family, I have never brought so much happiness to so many people. Thanks to your donations, we were able to bring smiles on the faces of so many children who had lost their parents in the floods.

    What next?
    Volunteers have suggested that the project should now involve mainstream schools. This would involve working with Citizenship teachers to enhance their Global Citizenship curriculum. Some schools in London have already agreed to take part.

    Adam Giving Certificate Ashraf prize
    Shaykh Adam ibn Yusuf presents Shamus Iqbal with a prize Hafiz Ashraf receives prize on behalf of the Alif Academy

    Pictures of Eid gifts being distributed in Pakistan:

    Eid Gift Picture Eid Gift Picture Eid Gift Picture
    Eid Gift Picture Eid Gift Picture Eid Gift Picture
    Eid Gift Picture Eid Gift Picture Eid Gift Picture
    Eid Gift Picture Eid Gift Picture Eid Gift Picture