UCA Construction Progress Report - December 2010

    Senior Academic Block:
    The outside structure of the senior academic block is now complete.   Inside, in the laboratory, a hanging ceiling and tiles are being installed. The renovation of the conference hall is also under way.
    The ceiling in the new laboratory. A worker is busy installing new tiles in the laboratory at the senior academic block.
    A mason adds the finishing touches to the outside of the senior academic block .
    Ceiling construction is under way in the conference hall.
    Masjid e Saleem Sarang:

    The structure of the Masjid has been completed. The ground floor is now fully renovated with renovations now underway on the first floor.


    A polished ground floor in the Masjid.

    Tiles being cut and installed on the second floor of the Masjid.
    Hostel 3:
    Some time ago, Ummah Welfare Trust (Pakistan) started the construction of Hostel 3 for the orphans of the Ummah Children Academy. The hostel will house 400 students. The ground floor has now been completed with shuttering work currently underway on the first floor.
    Work in progress at Hostel 3. An aerial view of the first two stories of Hostel 3.
    A bricklayer hard at work.  

    Written by UWT Pakistan Office.