Islamic and Charity Events 2011

    Events Across the UK in 2011*

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    Date Organised by Location Title Link
    25/12/2011 UWT London The Reality of Isa (AS) Click Here
    23/12/2011 UWT Birmingham (Sisters) Charity Dinner - Fundraiser Click Here
    26/11/2011 UWT Nelson (Sisters) Charity Dinner - Fundraiser Click Here
    16/10/2011 UWT Birmingham Charity Event Click Here
    16/10/2011 UWT London In the footsteps of Ibrahim (AS) Click Here
    16/10/2011 UWT Wembley Charity Football Tournament Click Here
    08/10/2011 UWT Birmingham Charity Funday Click Here
    08/10/2011 UWT Blackburn Somalia Charity Event Click Here
    25/09/2011 UWT Bolton Africa Charity Fundraiser Click Here
    24/09/2011 UWT Bolton Charity Funday Click Here
    23/09/2011 UWT Bolton Africa Live Appeal Click Here
    18/09/2011 UWT Norbury Fundraiser for the forgotten Click Here
    17/09/2011 UWT Blackburn Men around the Messenger Click Here
    16/09/2011 UWT Batley Somalia Eyewitness Account Click Here
    28/08/2011 UWT Swindon Khatm-e-Quraan Click Here
    28/08/2011 UWT Bradford Fundraiser Iftaar Click Here
    28/08/2011 UWT London Pledge Day Click Here
    27/08/2011 UWT Preston East Africa - Eyewitness Account Click Here
    27/08/2011 UWT Blackburn East Africa -Eyewitness Account Click Here
    21/08/2011 Hajeez Peri Peri Luton Fundraiser Click Here
    12/08/2011 AOne Dosa Luton A Day of Giving Click Here
    07-13/08/2011 UWT Dewsbury, Batley The Best Women of our Ummah Click Here
    07/08/2011 UWT Coventry Love for the Prophet Click Here
    23/07/2011 UWT Birmingham Ummah Sisters Funday Click Here
    17/07/2011 Sunnah Foods Luton Fundraiser Click Here
    23/07/2011 UWT Snowdon Trek for the Ummah Click Here
    17/07/2011 UWT Blackburn Charity Bazaar, Barbecue & Car Wash Click Here
    01/07/2011 Grill Fellas London Fundraiser Click Here
    25/06/2011 UWT Ben Nevis Trek for the Ummah Click Here
    12/06/2011 UWT Coventry Charity Auction and Funday Click Here
    11/06/2011 UWT Batley The Life of Abubakr (RA) Click Here
    11/06/2011 UWT Birmingham Sisters Funday Click Here
    9-10/06/2011 Al-Muhsinaat London The Ideal Muslimah Click Here
    15/05/2011 Jamia Masjid Swindon Signs of the Last Hour Click Here
    01/05/2011 SK Foods Luton A Day of Giving Click Here
    30/04/2011 Al Rahmah Mosque Liverpool Brotherhood in Islam Click Here
    23/04/2011 E Aalim Online Reflections on the Last Days Click Here
    23/04/2011 Islamik Infusions London Charity Luncheon (Sisters Only) Click Here
    14/04/2011 My Bazaar Birmingham Charity Fun Day Click Here
    09/04/2011 Glasgow Central Mosque Glasgow Spring Conference Click Here
    27/03/2011 Cafe 1 Luton Fundraiser Click Here
    18/03/2011 City Isoc London Fleeing to Allah Click Here
    13/03/2011 Shah Jalal Masjid Coventry Pakistan Flood Appeal Click Here
    27/02/2011 UWT Blackburn Sisters Funday Click Here
    18/02/2011 Queen Mary Isoc London Love Happens - Sisters Dinner Click Here
    29/01/2011 UWT Birmingham The Life of Umar (RA) Click Here
    22/01/2011 UWT Rochdale The Life of Umar (RA) Click Here
    15/01/2011 UWT London The Life of Umar (RA) Click Here
    09/01/2011 UWT London (Sisters Only) Suffering of the Ummah Click Here
    09/01/2011 HX Dawah Halifax Ya Ummati Click Here

    * This page includes all events where UWT has been invited to speak, fundraise and events where all proceeds will be donated to UWT.

    All events organised by an external organisation which advertises UWT or where funds will be raised that will be going towards a project of UWT, needs to be discussed with UWT first.

    For further information contact us by emailing or call 01204 383 732.

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