Let Us Bring Some Warmth Into Their Lives

    Let Us Bring Some Warmth Into Their Lives
    16 December 2010

    With winter having arrived, millions of the victims, rendered homeless by the catastrophic floods in late July, are still without shelter. Insufficient relief efforts, compounded by a paralysed governing body and volatile security situation, are increasing our concerns for the flood victims, especially with the advent of winter.

    Following the insufferable heat in the early months of the crisis, the flood-victims now have to contend with the harsh realities of a freezing winter. In areas where temperatures regularly fall below zero and snowfall is frequent, flood victims are lacking the necessary means to cope. In more northern mountainous areas, temperatures are already well below freezing, with further drops in temperature predicted to follow.

    Such extremities in weather are having adverse impacts on the homeless and destitute. Hypothermia and respiratory infections are already pervading refugee camps with the primary victims invariably being the old, pregnant women and children. Even before the floods late last summer, the World Health Organisation estimated that approximately 85,000 children died in Pakistan from Pneumonia each year. Such figures will inevitably escalate given the current situation.

    The team on the ground are stressing the need for Winter Aid Kits consisting of blankets, clothing, pillows, etc. Though housing projects have, Alhamdulillah, fully commenced, there is an urgent short term need for Winter Packs. An unforgiving winter, which does not distinguish between those with a tent and those without, highlights the need for such supplies.  

    Alhamdulillah, UWT, fortunate enough to be on the ground since the first day of the crisis, is sustaining its determined relief efforts. On 2nd December, UWT distributed Winter Aid Kits among 675 flood-affected Afghan refugee families currently staying in the Nowshera district. Each kit contains three steel beds, 3 mattresses, 3 quilts, 3 pillows and 3 pairs of clothing. In addition, UWT has started to distribute a further 2000 kits among the flood victims within the KPK areas.  

    Despite UWT’s efforts, greater funding is undoubtedly required so as not to hamper relief efforts in the winter months. In turn, UWT earnestly pleads with donors to continue donating generously and help the thousands of families who are currently going through some of the hardest times of their lives.

    Ibn Abbas related that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Any Muslim who gives a Muslim a garment to wear will be in Allah's safekeeping as long as a shred of it remains on him.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

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