Philippines Housing Project Report

    The Philippines is in the eastern hemisphere comprised of about 7000 islands in the South China Sea. Due to political unrest people mainly Muslim ethnic population known as “indigent” meaning unwanted and forgotten in the Mindanao region have suffered for years.

    The Muslim population is the worst sufferers as there is little or no attention from the government towards this alienated community. Average family size is 9 with no education and health care available for this community. They have suffered a lot through unemployment, inadequate housing and poor hygiene, all of which has produced intolerable poverty.

    On March 4th 2010 early in the morning due to electrical short circuit a fire broke out in one of the Muslim concentrated cluster homes leaving 11 houses completely gutted and one killed. All families living in these houses are extremely poor and survive on hand to mouth. This was brought to the attention of UWT by Goodwill 786 Charity, a British Muslim charity working in the area.
    Considering the immense suffering of the people UWT took this reconstruction project in the city Zamboanga, in Mindanao. It is approximately 460 nautical miles from Manila the capital of the Philippines and is very remote.

    The project is at the completion stage now. Each house has 2 bed rooms, a sitting room, a bathroom and a kitchen, with electricity and water supply. By the end of December 2010 all houses will be handed over to the 11 affected families’ inshallah.

    Some Pictures of Unit 1 and 2 whilst the House was Being Built:


    House Foundation Painting Bars
     Housing Foundation Being Dug for Unit 1 & 2  Painting Angle Bars for Rust Protection
     Firewalls Being Erected  Plastering Unit 1 and 2
     Wall Finishing  The Kitchen Unit Being Built
     Living Room Decoration  Door Frames
     Fixing C Purling for Unit 1 and 2  Roof of Unit 1 & 2